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Pennys Big Breakaway update 1.2

A notable version 1.2 update has been announced for Penny’s Big Breakaway.

For Switch specifically, it will include a video mode to unlock the frame rate to 60 similar to Bombrush, or adds anti-aliasing if you choose to stay locked. Elsewhere there are lots of improvements, fixes, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Penny's Big Breakaway review

System: Switch
Release date: February 21, 2024
Developer: Evening Star
Publisher: Private Division

When the initial reveal trailer for Penny’s Big Breakaway debuted last year, it felt like the stars were aligning. Here was a small development team of die-hard platformer fans delivering a wholly original IP, fresh off the back of crafting Sonic Mania for SEGA. Killer looks along with subtle, stylish nods to their prior work enamored a clamoring and captious demographic. Even as a relatively new team, developer Evening Star has prestige streaming from their ears, and an expectant fan base to go along with it. Now the game has finally dropped, and the resulting experience might not be all we had held our breath for.

Penny's Big Breakaway gameplay

22 minutes of gameplay has been released for the Switch version of Penny’s Big Breakaway. Right after today’s Nintendo Direct, the game launched worldwide.

If you’re interested in learning more about the title, read the following overview:

Penny’s Big Breakaway appeared during today’s Nintendo Direct and it was announced that the game is launching today.

You may remember that Penny’s Big Breakaway was actually first revealed in a Nintendo Direct last June. The team is being made by Evening Star, which has developers that previously worked on Sonic Mania.

Penny's Big Breakaway animated trailer

Private Division and Evening Star are offering a new look at Penny’s Big Breakaway with an animated trailer that highlights the game’s bosses, including Sailor Sheila, Mr. Q, The Taboo Artist, Judge Rufus, and Emperor Eddie. A little  big of gameplay is included at the end as well.

We’ve got some information about Penny’s Big Breakaway bosses in the following overview:

Penny's Big Breakaway

The developers behind Sonic Mania – known as Evening Star – just unveiled Penny’s Big Breakaway, a new 3D platformer for Switch. It will be seeing release in early 2024 with Private Division publishing.

First details are included in the following overview:

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