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FIFA 23 Legacy Edition

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition Game Trial

Original (3/13): Nintendo has announced that FIFA 23 Legacy Edition will be offered to Switch Online members in Europe as the service’s latest Game Trial.

Those with an active subscription can play the game for free starting on March 20, 2023. The full experience will be available until the end of the event. Additionally, save data is compatible with the full title.

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition Switch

EA will be releasing FIFA 23 Legacy Edition on Switch later this year, the company has confirmed.

This marks the fourth consecutive year that Nintendo’s console is receiving a Legacy Edition of the sports franchise. The game will have updates for kids, clubs, squads, and commentary, but not much else will be different – just like last year and other years prior. That means if you bought FIFA on Switch previously, FIFA 23 Legacy Edition will be largely the same.

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