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Floor Kids

A new patch for Floor Kids was recently delivered, bringing the game up to version 1.8.1. Some notable features were added including video capture and the practice “Infinity” dance mode.

Aside from that, several other features, improvements, and bug fixes were also implemented. We now have the full patch notes below.

The newest Floor Kids update is now available. We’re currently aware of one notable addition: Infinity Mode.

The team behind Floor Kids actually hasn’t really explained what Infinity Mode is. But based on the vague information we’ve received in the past, it appears to be a practice mode of sorts. We’ll bring you any additional information about the mode and the update once the developer shares more.


The team behind Floor Kids isn’t done updating the game. In a new tweet published today, some new content was teased.

The first thing we can look forward to is Infinity Mode, which appears to be a practice mode of sorts. Video capture will also be supported so that players can record 30-second clips.

Here’s a look at Infinity Mode:


Floor Kids has been updated on Switch, and the game is now at version 1.6.0. A bunch of different improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

For the full patch notes, continue on below.

Floor Kids is one of many new games that will begin to appear on the Switch eShop today. Get a look at some footage in the video below.

Update: Bumped to the top. Both of these dates have been confirmed. Plus, we have the official launch trailer:

Original: Floor Kids appears to be launching on Switch imminently. A holiday release had been previously announced, but we could be seeing it as early as tomorrow.

The North American Switch eShop lists Floor Kids for December 7. Over in Europe, the listing has it down for December 18.

We should be finding out pretty soon officially when the breakdance battle game is debuting on Switch.

Source: Switch eShop

Update: New trailer added below.

Original: Floor Kids is a game we heard about for Switch during the last Nindies Showcase in August. While there hasn’t been much news since that original announcement, MERJ Media has reconfirmed that it’s on track for this holiday.

For those who missed the original announcement, Floor Kids offers freestyle gameplay, rhythm challenges, and multiplayer sessions. We have some additional information and a trailer below.

Following Super Meat Boy Forever, Floor Kids was the next Switch game to be given the spotlight treatment during the [email protected] live stream. Watch the recording below.

Revealed during today’s Nindies Showcase, Floor Kids is on the way to Switch. It will be launching on Switch first this holiday.

Here’s a trailer:


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