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Friend & Fairy

Grapple Force Rena

QUByte Interactive, GalaxyTrail, and Friend & Fairy have confirmed Grapple Force Rena for Switch. The port is in development, though a release window has not yet been provided.

Check out the following overview for Grapple Force Rena:

Petal Crash 1.1 patch

A new update has gone out for the Switch version of Petal Crash. GalaxyTrail and Friend & Fairy are now offering version 1.1.

The update contains new characters, new modes, and more. For the full patch notes, continue on below.

Petal Crash

The arcade-action puzzle game Petal Crash was announced for Switch earlier this year. It was originally scheduled for August, but the month went by without any sort of update. A listing has now surfaced on the eShop with what appears to be a final date of October 12. The news should be officially announced soon.

Here’s an overview of Petal Crash, along with a trailer:

Petal Crash, an arcade-action puzzle game from developer Friend & Fairy, is now confirmed for release on Switch. Freedom Planet developer GalaxyTrail is handling publishing. MP2 Games is porting it over.

Here’s an overview of Petal Crash, along with a trailer:

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