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Freedom Planet 2 will be appearing on Switch, GalaxyTrail has announced. The title is slated for Summer 2023 on Nintendo’s console.

Freedom Planet 2 was first announced way back at the end of 2015. The project is now finally wrapping up development and will first launch for PC and Linux on September 13, 2022. Console ports, which includes Switch, will follow next year.

Grapple Force Rena

QUByte Interactive, GalaxyTrail, and Friend & Fairy have confirmed Grapple Force Rena for Switch. The port is in development, though a release window has not yet been provided.

Check out the following overview for Grapple Force Rena:

Petal Crash 1.1 patch

A new update has gone out for the Switch version of Petal Crash. GalaxyTrail and Friend & Fairy are now offering version 1.1.

The update contains new characters, new modes, and more. For the full patch notes, continue on below.

Petal Crash

The arcade-action puzzle game Petal Crash was announced for Switch earlier this year. It was originally scheduled for August, but the month went by without any sort of update. A listing has now surfaced on the eShop with what appears to be a final date of October 12. The news should be officially announced soon.

Here’s an overview of Petal Crash, along with a trailer:

Petal Crash, an arcade-action puzzle game from developer Friend & Fairy, is now confirmed for release on Switch. Freedom Planet developer GalaxyTrail is handling publishing. MP2 Games is porting it over.

Here’s an overview of Petal Crash, along with a trailer:

GalaxyTrail has issued a brand new trailer for Freedom Planet 2 that shows off the game’s Adventure Mode. Take a look at the video below.

Freedom Planet 2 is expected to release on Switch sometime after the initial PC launch.

With Freedom Planet arriving on Switch today, XSEED has readied a launch trailer for the game. You can watch it below.

Freedom Planet

The Switch eShop expands later this month with the addition of Freedom Planet starting August 30. Have a look at some new direct-feed footage below.

Freedom Planet

XSEED Games hosted a live stream where members from the team played Freedom Planet on Switch for an hour. We have the entire recording below.

XSEED Games, Marvelous Europe, and GalaxyTrail have announced a release date for Freedom Planet on Switch. The title is just a few weeks away as it’s now set for August 30.

Here’s an overview, along with a trailer:

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