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QUByte Interactive

Bem Feito

QUByte Interactive and oiCabie are teaming up on Bem Feito, a new life sim game for Switch. A release window has yet to be shared.

Bem Feito has also been said to offer horror, creepypasta, suspense, adventure, and Alternate Reality Game (ARG) elements that reference fiction and the real world. It features “a narrative of a lost game in which it would have been released for an old and fictional video game” and “the player will have to play with Reginaldo and carry out various tasks in his daily life, like fishing, cooking, gathering fruits, watering your flowers and so on.”

Gourmet Warriors

QUByte has released a number of classic games on Switch, and that continues with Gourmet Warriors. Originally launched in 1995, it’ll now be hitting Nintendo’s current console on August 31, 2023.

Gourmet Warriors initially debuted as Gourmet Sentai Barayarou for the Super Famicom. In 2019, it finally received a proper western release in English for the SNES.

Adore gameplay

Adore recently came to Switch as a new eShop release, and gameplay is available. 37 minutes of footage has been published.

For further information about the monster-taming action game, check out the following overview:

Adore launch trailer

QUByte Interactive and Cadabra Games have prepared a launch trailer for Adore. Starting today, the game can be played on Switch.

Here’s an official overview with more details:

Risky Woods gameplay

The 1992 EA-published Risky Woods just came to Switch today as part of the QUByte Classics line, and we now have gameplay. Footage shows off the side-scrolling platformer.

You can learn a bit more about it in the following overview:

Risky Woods

Original (7/9): Risky Woods, a game that originally released over three decades ago, is now making a comeback on Switch.

The title was originally made by Dinamic Software and Zeus Software. Also an interesting mention, EA was the original publisher. QUByte Interactive will now be handling the Switch version as part of its classics line for the console.

Adore release date

The creature collecting game Adore, which was announced for Switch late last year, has been given a release date. We’ve heard from QUByte Interactive and Cadabra Games that it will launch on August 3, 2023.

The action creature game was previously revealed back in November. A release window wasn’t given as part of the initial announcement.

Beat 'Em Up Archives gameplay

Following the release of Beat ‘Em Up Archives on Switch, new gameplay has emerged. The package includes Iron Commando and Legend.

Here’s an official overview with more details:

Beat 'Em Up Archives

Another classic release is in store for Switch with QUByte Interactive and Piko Interactive announcing Beat ‘Em Up Archives. It’s due out on June 15, 2023.

Beat ‘Em Up Archives includes Iron Commando and Legend. Both games include options for the screen type and filters.

Talk to Strangers

QUByte Interactive announced today that it’s teaming up with Post Mortem Pixels on a Switch version of Talk to Strangers. The title is slated for June 8, 2023.

Talk to Strangers is a game of everyday survival in which players work for Sunny Morning and sell products. Conversations in the game impact certain stats in the game.

Below is an official overview:

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