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Greg Wiggleton

Several developers partnered together to host a “Nindies Love You” sale on the eShop today. 50 percent discounts are live for a number of Wii U and 3DS games in North America, Europe, and Australia.

The campaign started with an idea from Greg Wiggleton, the founder of ZeNfA Productions. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Wiggleton explained how it came about:

I truly had the idea for this group event sale around a year ago when the 1st and 2nd “epic indie sale” events were happening. I was curious if it was possible to host my own type of sale with other indies I’m in contact with and if Nintendo would advertise it on the eShop at all. It was around August 2015 that I finally started to get active in recruiting other Nintendo indies and contacting Nintendo directly about setting up one of these sales.

The very 1st step I took was taking charge of this idea and contacting Nintendo (already with a few select indies interested) back around August 2015. I was curious on how these group sales came into being. Nintendo would go on to tell me that these group indie sales were 100% created from indies and that Nintendo just helped set it up with the indies being in charge of it. From there I tried to gather a bunch of different indie Wii U games that would go well with this sale and show Nintendo that we were interested in doing our own sale. From here, I would go on to be Nintendo’s main contact for our group and talk to Nintendo on what is required, type of banners needed, and deadlines for different parts were. Every few weeks I would send updates to all involved as well as keep Nintendo involved with our developments to help keep them informed that we were serious about doing this sale.

The original goal was to have this 2 week sale period occur sometime around Christmas of 2015. A few of us involved early on thought this might be a good idea. After all, the Christmas period can be very nice for sales. However, a problem with this plan was that this period is usually very crowded. Nintendo themselves even warned us that a sale like this in December was a bad idea and recommended January or February for doing this sale. By October we finally decided to officially make it a February sale. Since this would take place around Valentine’s, we decided on that as a theme and came up with the “Nindies Love You” title for it.

As for another promotion like Nindies Love You, Wiggleton is very much interested in making that happen.

I would love to create new promotions like this in the future. I am hopeful that this event goes well for all involved so that we can all continue to make interesting and fun games for Nintendo systems for all to enjoy. Who knows, maybe one day you might see a similar promotion by me for the Nintendo NX for a new set of games!


ZeNfA Productions came out with ZaciSa’s Last Stand last year, but the indie developer has been spending a lot of time improving the game with a number of updates. Now the studio is ready to move on to something new.

The next title from ZeNfA Productions will be “a puzzle-like game that features an in-game level editor that will allow users to create and share new levels with others online,” according to co-founder Greg Wiggleton. There are also future plans for two different platformers. Aside from that, ZaciSa 2 is also something that will happen, though not until “very late 2016” or beyond.

Wiggleton told 8-Worlds News in an interview:

Now that ZaciSa’s Last Stand newest patch is out in North America and ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension! is close to coming out in Europe, my next goal is to release my next game and move forward. I’ve been hard at work on my new game for a long while now that I hope to release in a few months. I haven’t revealed it publicly yet, but I can reveal that it is a puzzle-like game that features an in-game level editor that will allow users to create and share new levels with others online. This will be my 1st medium-big game and working hard to make it everything it should be. I should be revealing the game for the 1st time in about a month and am currently looking forward to doing so.

As for 2016 and beyond, I have plans for 2 unique different platformer games. Both of which have been in development and planning for a long while now. Both games are currently being aimed for [the] middle of 2016 or beyond. I also have been planning on a ZaciSa 2 already as well, got big plans for that game. But that is most likely a very late 2016, if not 2017 game.

Though I’m moving on to new things, I still plan to support ZaciSa’s Last Stand for quite some time too. I have another big patch planned for late this year that will introduce a bunch of new maps to the game and other game improvements. I am also currently doing a $20 eShop contest for the game currently to help celebrate the new content and Insanity Mode addition. I plan to do other challenges and paid contests in the future as well for ZaciSa and other future games. I find doing these contests to be really fun.


ZaciSa’s Last Stand could launch on the Wii U eShop by mid-February. As of now, that’s the release window creator Greg Wiggleton is targeting.

Wiggleton wrote on Twitter yesterday that ZaciSa’s Last Stand will be submitted to Nintendo by the weekend. Assuming all goes well, we’ll hopefully see it next month.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.


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