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Kokoro Clover Season 1 gameplay

Kokoro Clover Season 1 ended up on Switch this week, and for a closer look, we have new gameplay. 22 minutes of footage is available.

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Publishers Phoenixx and Gotcha Gotcha Games and developer Hikotel have announced that Kokoro Clover Season 1 will be making its way to the Switch eShop in Japan. The game is set to land on the system next week, on August 4, and will also feature full English language support.

Kokoro Clover is a 2D platformer heavily inspired by Sunday morning Japanese anime shows. The game’s story is structured like said shows, taking place over 12 “episodes” that have you take the role of Spirit Summoner Treffy, a young girl who accidentally finds the magical Kokoro Clover and attempts to uncover its secrets. Beyond the story mode, the game also possesses an adventure mode, boss rush mode, and mini-game modes, along with a slew of unlockables to obtain as you play through the game.

For more information here’s an overview of the game:

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