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Irem Collection Volume 2

Irem Collection Volume 2 delayed

Irem Collection Volume 2 is seeing a delay, ININ Games has confirmed.

The package was originally supposed to launch this week – at least digitally. However, it’s now been postponed. In a statement on social media, ININ said it wasn’t satisfied with the state in which Volume 1 was released, and wants to avoid a similar situation this time around. The company did not provide an update on launch timing.

ININ’s full statement about the delay for Irem Collection Volume 2 reads:

Irem Collection Volume 2

ININ Games, Irem, and Tozai Games have now announced Irem Collection Volume 2. This follows the previous package that was only just confirmed for Switch back in May – we have the rundown here.

Volume 2 includes arcade classics GunForce, GunForce II, and Air Duel. All of these are notable for different reasons. Gunforce will include both the SNES and arcade versions, GunForce II will have its first official worldwide launch on consoles, and Air Duel is seeing its first official worldwide release. Read more about each title below.

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