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Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition

Yesterday, a Switch version of Kingdom Come Deliverance popped up on Nintendo’s Japanese website. The game was listed for a February 18 release. There was some hope – and perhaps an expectation by some – that an official announcement would be happening soon.

Unfortunately though, the listing appears to have been nothing more than an error. PR manager Tobi Stolz-Zwilling indicated that a Switch version of Kingdom Come Deliverance isn’t currently in the cards. No one can say where the listing originated from in the first place, but it’s likely that Nintendo will be removing it soon.


Kingdom Come Deliverance

The open-world action-RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance may have a shot at coming to Switch. Over on Nintendo’s Japanese release schedule, Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition is listed with a February 18 release date as a physical and digital release.

There’s definitely a chance of this happening, though we can’t take everything at face value from Nintendo’s website. The same page also listed Banjo-Kazooie and Blast Corps for the Wii U Virtual Console a few days ago, though it was quickly clarified that this was an error.

For those that haven’t heard about the game previously, here’s some information about Kingdom Come Deliverance as well as a trailer:

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