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Little Devil Inside

Back in 2015, Neostream announced its action adventure RPG Little Devil Inside, and successfully raised funding through Kickstarter, which included a Wii U stretch goal. We then heard at the end of 2017 that the team had interest in bringing the game to Switch. After falling off the radar, it finally resurfaced last month with a brand new trailer.

That’s only a part of the story. Little Devil Inside was re-revealed during the PS5 showcase with the video indicating that it will only be on PlayStation platforms at launch. This upset some fans, including those that originally backed the game for Wii U.

Do you remember Little Devil Inside? Neostream funded the action-adventure RPG on Kickstarter way back in May 2015.

When the campaign originally ran, Wii U support was achieved. However, things are quite different these days, and Switch has essentially replaced the older console. A release on Wii U is probably unlikely at this point, but the developer did recently tell Inven Global that they’re interested in a Switch version after the initial PC launch.

Neostream still has a long road ahead as the QA phase for Little Devil Inside is planned for the end of 2018. Perhaps we’ll see it on Switch sometime in 2019? In the meantime, here’s the latest video which was just shared last week:


Neostream turned to Kickstarter in April to help fund “Little Devil Inside”. The project ended up reaching its $250,000 AUD goal a couple of days ago, and the team then announced a Wii U stretch goal of $270,000 AUD. That mark has now been reached so we’ll be seeing Little Devil Inside on the Wii U eShop sometime after summer 2016.

Below is a brief overview of the game:

Little Devil Inside is a truly engaging 3D action adventure RPG game where you are thrown into a surreal but somewhat familiar setting with humans, creatures and monsters to interact with, learn and hunt – journey, survive and discover the world that exists beyond.

This game is not just about killing arch-demons and saving the world. Take in the atmosphere and live a realistic life in an unrealistic world. This is a game that tells stories about people with ‘unusual’ jobs such as hunting monsters and what happens in their everyday life doing so.

You can check out the Little Devil Inside Kickstarter campaign here. There are two days remaining before it ends.