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Matt Raithel

When Switch was announced, many developers who were planning Wii U projects jumped ship over to the new console. However, Graphite Lab stuck to its guns and remained on track to bring Hive Jump to the older system. Just this past week, the game finally launched on the eShop.

Graphite Lab’s Matt Raithel reflected on the whole process in a new blog published on Gamasutra this week. In one section, he explains why the team was committed to the Wii U version, writing:

A few days ago, some news surfaced about Hive Jump not supporting online co-op in the Wii U version. Graphite Lab director Matt Raithel actually took some time to explain the decision further right here on the site.

Graphite Lab did look into the possibility of including online multiplayer in the Wii U version extensively. However, after careful consideration, the tough decision had to be made as the feature “was going to be beyond our scope for this release due to time and budget constraints placed on our team.”

Raithel explained:

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