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Metallic Child

Metallic Child

Crest and Studio HG have dated their roguelike action game Metallic Child. The title is lined up for a Switch release on September 16, the two sides announced today.

Also announced today is that Studio Trigger created an animated trailer, which will debut on July 7.

To recap, here’s an overview on Metallic Child:

Metallic Child is coming to Switch and other platforms in spring 2021. The roguelike action game puts you in control of an android named Rona, allowing you to take on ten types of bosses and discover the mysteries surrounding the Life Stream. Check out the overview via Gematsu, as well as the trailer below:

Studio HG today issued a new trailer for Metallic Child, an upcoming meta-fiction logue-lite game for Switch. We have it below.

Studio HD has posted a five-minute video showing off Metallic Child running on Switch in portable mode. Give it a look below.

Metallic Child is coming to Switch, Studio HG announced today. Not much is known about the project, though we do know that it’s a roguelike action game.

Metallic Child is currently slated for early 2019. We’ve posted the game’s first trailer below.

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