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Motorsport Games

NASCAR Rivals trailer

Motorsport Games has gone live with a launch trailer for NASCAR Rivals. The title, a racing experience, recently landed exclusively on Switch.

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NASCAR Rivals gameplay

With NASCAR Rivals having come to Switch, we now have a closer look thanks to new gameplay. Several minutes of footage is now available.

Here’s an overview of the game:

NASCAR Rivals was recently revealed for Switch, but we didn’t get an actual look at the game as the initial trailer lacked gameplay. Today, however, the title received another video which does provide a proper look.

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Today, Motorsport Games announced that it will release NASCAR Rivals on Switch. The game launches on October 14, 2022.

Here’s what’s been shared thus far:

NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+, the latest racer for Switch, has received a new launch trailer from publisher Motorsport Games and developer 704Games. The title just launched on Nintendo’s console to close out the week.

For those that need a refresher on NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+, read the following overview:

NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ gameplay

Ahead of its launch on Switch later this week, gameplay has emerged for NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+. Today’s 23-minute video showcases first footage of the racer on Switch.

Here’s some information about the title:

NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+

Publisher Motorsport Games and developer 704Games have issued the first trailer for NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+, an upcoming racer for Switch.

The title was first made known last weekIt followed the news earlier in the year that Switch would be getting a NASCAR game in 2021.

For those that missed the news previously, here’s an overview of NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+:

NASCAR Heat Switch

NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ is coming to Switch, an Amazon listing reveals. The title is being brought to the system by publisher Motorsport Games and developer 704Games.

According to the Amazon listing, NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ is the official video game of the 2020 season. It states that “the world’s most popular stockcar racing series puts you behind the wheel and challenges you to become the NASCAR Cup Series champion.” The game contains the 2020 official teams, drivers, cars, and schedule from the three NASCAR National Series in addition to the Xtreme Dirt Tour, racing on 39 authentic tracks.

NASCAR games have been pretty much absent from Nintendo consoles over the past couple of generations, but that’s about to change. Motorsport Games has confirmed that it will be putting its first title on Switch sometime in 2021.

Motorsport Games Dmitry Kozko teased in an interview with

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