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A new update for Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is now available. Version 1.1.2 is live, mainly featuring a smattering of fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

nWay has revealed a trio of characters that will be added to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid as part of an upcoming update. Dragon Armor Trini, Udonna, and Cenozoic Blue Ranger are planned at no extra cost.

nWay says it hears the fans regarding more content. The team is “hard at work at packing more into this game” and will be sharing more news about the first update soon.


Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid launched earlier today, but developer nWay isn’t finished with the game. A Season One Pass has been promised, which features three new characters and a new warrior skin.

It seems that we now know the identity of two upcoming characters. Fans have been digging through the official website and uncovered a pair of art files. If you’re interested in seeing which characters are in the pipeline, continue on below.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is out today on Switch. Have a look at the official launch trailer below, along with some footage.

Today, developer nWay announced the final release date for Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid. The game will launch via the eShop on March 26.

This is actually slightly earlier than originally thought. Initially, Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid was expected sometime in April. Not many will complain about getting the title just a bit earlier though.


nWay has released a brand new gameplay trailer for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Have a look at the video below.

A new round of characters have been revealed for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Ranger Slayer, Kat Manx, Mastodon Sentry, and Goldar will all be playable in the game.

Accompanying today’s news, nWay kicked off a new “Morph Madness” fantasy tournament in which fans can vote on which character they want to see advance to the next stage. You can find more information about the event and vote here for a chance to win prizes.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid just received a new trailer for Lord Drakkon, “Tommy Oliver from a world where he never strayed from the path of evil”. We have further information about the character below along with the video.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has received a couple of additional videos. We’ve included an extended announcement and gameplay reveal trailer below.

Yesterday, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was revealed, and it’s coming to Switch. nWay, which made the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, is also working on this title. Despite that, Battle for the Grid isn’t a port.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has been built from the ground up for consoles. Additionally, there will be new battle mechanics and different movesets for each character. Something that also may lower concerns is that pro fighting game player Justin Wong is helping out development on balancing the characters.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is launching digitally on Switch in April.

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