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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Cowboy Bebop

March 7: Overwatch 2 unveiled its latest collaboration today in which the game will be teaming up with the well-known anime Cowboy Bebop.

We thus far only have a few details to go on. It’s been confirmed McCree will be appearing as Spike, Ashe as Faye, Sombra as Ed, Mauga as Jet, and Hammond as Ein. Players can earn a free skin of Wrecking Ball as Ein by playing games and completing challenges.

Here’s a teaser for the upcoming event:

Overwatch 2 Mauga

Mauga will be the next playable Hero in Overwatch 2, Blizzard just announced. The news dropped today at BlizzCon 2023.

Fans can look forward to Mauga with Season 8, which starts on December 5 – though you can play a bit early with a trial weekend happening now. He’s a Samoan character, and while Mauga  may seem like a big and loud brute, he’s a cunning tactician who’s one step ahead of his enemies. Blizzard went as far as to bring in a Samoan tattoo artist for his tattoo. 

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver

Blizzard announced today that Lifeweaver is joining Overwatch 2 as a new playable character. He’s the 37th hero and newest Support for the game.

Here’s a bit of background information, with even more details available on the official website:

Season Two of Overwatch 2 has arrived on Switch, and Nintendo have shared a launch trailer to commemorate the occasion. Most notably, Season Two brings with it a new playable hero, Ramattra, as well as a new escort map.

Learn more about the game with the overview below:

Overwatch 2 Ramattra


Original (11/4): Overwatch 2 has been trucking along since its launch a few weeks ago, and Blizzard has now unveiled Ramattra as the latest hero for its shooter. The news was announced during the Overwatch League Grand Finals just a short while ago.

Blizzard notes that Ramattra began as a war machine, but “shed his munitions for a shield to protect his people by promoting peace and tranquility.” Right now the company is focusing more on his backstory rather than his playstyle, but information about the latter should be shared pretty soon.

Overwatch 2 gameplay

Overwatch 2 started to launch on Switch yesterday, and a bit of gameplay has come in. Eight minutes of footage shows the title running on Nintendo’s console.

More information can be found in the following overview:

Overwatch 2 trailer

Overwatch 2 still has a few more days to go until it’s ready for primetime, but Blizzard has already come out with a launch trailer. Fans can get a look at both gameplay and CG scenes.

Learn more about Overwatch 2 with the following overview:

Overwatch 2 no loot boxes roadmap Season One and Two

Overwatch 2 received an October 4 release date a few days ago, and Blizzard has now followed up with a bunch of additional information about the shooter. The company has passed along details regarding its free-to-play nature, the fact that there won’t be loot boxes, the roadmap, and Season One and Two.

Here’s the full rundown:

Overwatch 2 release date

Overwatch 2 has a release date, and Blizzard has revealed that it will launch on October 4, 2022 in early access. Switch owners will be happy to hear that the title is also still releasing on Nintendo’s console.

Overwatch 2 features a new five-versus-five multiplayer format with cross-platform play and cross-platform progression. Blizzard says the game’s PvP “is designed to offer incredible and fresh competitive gameplay with a new, free-to-play model and major game updates such as new heroes, hero reworks, maps, modes, and premium cosmetics.”

Overwatch 2 delayed

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Overwatch 2 has been delayed, with the title now looking like it may not be ready until at least 2023.

Speaking about the move, Activision Blizzard said during an investor presentation today:

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