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Paper Cut Mansion

Paper Cut Mansion gameplay

Following its debut on Switch this week, new gameplay has emerged for Paper Cut Mansion. The new roguelite horror experience comes from Thunderful and Space Lizard Studios.

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Paper Cut Mansion release date

A final release date has been shared for the Switch version of Paper Cut Mansion. Today, publisher Thunderful and developer Space Lizard Studios confirmed its availability for December 5, 2022.

Paper Cut Mansion was revealed for Switch earlier in the year. As part of its announcement, the title was initially given a vague 2022 release window.

We have more information about the game in the following overview:

Paper Cut Mansion

Publisher Thunderful and Space Lizard Studio today unveiled Paper Cut Mansion, a roguelite horror title that takes place in a handcrafted world. The project will be appearing on Switch later in 2022.

Paper Cut Mansion will have players exploring the mansion floor by floor, solving puzzles, battling enemies, and completing quests. New abilities can be unlocked along the way to help them get further on runs and solve the game’s main mystery.

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