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PID Games

Spirit of the Island update

The Switch version of Spirit of the Island was updated this week with some new content and more.

New Story mode is the highlight of the patch. Overall players can access roughly 25 hours of extra gameplay. Also included are the Adventureland and Beach Resort DLCs with all of their content for free.

Here’s the full rundown of the update:

Elypse physical

Elypse, which was previously made available on Switch digitally, is now getting the physical release treatment. Red Art Games is behind production.

The company only appears to be handling a standard version of the game. No special editions have been announced at this time.

The Land Beneath Us trailer

A final trailer is here for The Land Beneath Us to promote the game’s launch. Fans can get another look at the turn-based roguelite dungeon crawler.

Everything you need to know about the game can be found in the following overview:

The Land Beneath Us release date

A final release date has come in for The Land Beneath Us, a turn-based roguelite dungeon crawler. It’ll be out on May 13, 2024.

The Land Beneath Us was first made known for Switch at the very end of 2023. We knew it was coming sometime this year, but that was all we had to go on.

Here’s an overview of the game:

Lords of Exile launch trailer

In celebration of its launch this week, Lords of Exile has been given a launch trailer. This one comes from PID Games and Squidbit Works.

For a reminder as to what you can expect, read the following overview:

Lords of Exile gameplay

New gameplay is here showing off Lords of Exile. Fans can check out 27 minutes of footage from the side-scrolling action platformer.

Those interested in learning more about it can check out the following overview:

Lords of Exile release date

PID Games publishing label and co-publisher PixelHeart, along with Squidbit Works, today set a release date for Lords of Exile. The 8-bit side-scrolling action platformer heads to Switch on February 14, 2024.

Lords of Exile was secured in 2020 following a Kickstarter campaign. It was initially targeted for a 2021 debut.


Publisher PID Games and developer Aechmea Studios have announced Wisper, which is bound for Switch. As of now launch timing has yet to be decided.

Wisper is an open world adventure game. Players will be visiting different biomes, meeting unique characters, and saving them from a corrupted wisp.

Gravity Circuit update 1.1.0

Gravity Circuit has announced a new update, with version 1.1.0 on the way.

Boss Rush and armor paints are the big additions this time around. On top of that though, the team is bringing along some quality of life additions, adjustments, and bug fixes.

Here’s the full rundown:

The Land Beneath Us

Today, publisher PID Games and developer FairPlay Studios announced that they’ll be releasing The Land Beneath Us on Switch. The game is on track to launch in 2024.

The Land Beneath Us is a turn-based roguelite dungeon crawler based in Welsh mythology as players look to conquer the Seven Lords, save The Creator, and retrieve vital Soul-Tech. More information is available in the following overview:

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