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PID Games

Gravity Circuit physical

Original (9/11): Pix’n Love, along with PID Games and Domesticated Ant Games, confirmed plans to produce a physical release for Gravity Circuit on Switch. It will be available in Q4 2023.

Other details weren’t shared as part of the announcement. As of now, it’s unclear if there are plans for any special editions.

Spirit of the Island physical

Publisher Meridiem Games announced today that it will produce a physical version for Spirit of the Island on Switch. It will be available this fall.

Meridiem Games will be responsible for the creation, publishing and European distribution of the special boxed Paradise Edition of Spirit of the Island. It will include a special cover with new artwork, an exclusive set of stickers featuring some of the island’s inhabitants, and a tour guide so you don’t miss any of the wonderful activities on your island.

Gravity Circuit update 1.0.7

Gravity Circuit got a new update on Switch this week, and the game is now at version 1.0.7.

The patch includes a bunch of fixes adjustments, and more. Also, the developer confirmed plans to work on Switch performance in the future. However, the team was first focusing on some of the game breaking issues first.

Here’s the full rundown of the new update:

Elypse release date

Several months after it was originally announced for Switch, Elypse now has a release date. The game will be ready to go on August 2, 2023.

Elypse was first made known for Switch at the very end of 2022. It’s a 2D platformer with adventure, exploration, platforming and action elements.

Here’s some additional information:

Gravity Circuit release date

PID Games, along with Domesticated Ant Games, have revealed a final release date for Gravity Circuit. On Switch, it’s slated for July 13, 2023.

Gravity Circuit was originally announced for Switch last December. Only a 2023 release window was given at the time.

Ruggnar physical

Today, Red Art Games announced that it will produce a physical version for Ruggnar on Switch. It will be available on January 5, 2024.

Two versions are in the works. Alongside a standard edition, there’ll also be a limited Deluxe Edition. Copies of the latter include the game, a wraparound box sleeve, a notebook, and a double-sided poster. Only 3,000 copies will be made.

Let Me Out

Publisher PID Games and developer 4Happy Studio are bringing Let Me Out to Switch, the two sides have announced. A release window has not been determined, but it’s “coming soon”.

Let Me Out is a mystery puzzle game that takes place in Indonesia. You’ll take on the role of Alvin, a 10-year-old indigo child who must escape an ancient village and uncover the secrets behind its curse with the help of his little sister’s spirit and pet spider. 

Spirit of the Island

PID Games, in partnership with Meta Publishing and 1M Bits Horde, has announced Spirit of the Island for Switch. There’s no word on release timing currently.

The title kicks off with players ending up on a distant island, which was previously populated by tourists. It’s now your mission to bring it back to life by exploring the archipelago, chatting with locals, and helping them restore the land. Oh, and you’ll have your own mysteries to discover from your past.

Vernal Edge gameplay

Vernal Edge made it to Switch this week, and for those interested in getting a closer look, we have new gameplay. 24 minutes of footage highlights the Metroidvania title.

Everything you need to know is available in the following overview:

Vernal Edge trailer

PID Games and Hello Penguin Team have issued a launch trailer for Vernal Edge. The title, a pixel art Metroidvania, ended up on Switch this week.

You can find additional details in the following overview:

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