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Playfellow Studio

Publisher Rogue Games and developer Playfellow Studios recently released a 2.0 update for Fisti-Fluffs, their feline fighter for Switch.

Plenty of new content is included. The team has added new moves, powerups, stages, outfits, improved graphics, and more.

Fisti-Fluffs trailer

Publisher Rogue Games and developer Playfellow Studio have put out a trailer for Fisti-Fluffs, their physics-based cat fighter. The title lands today on Switch.

We have the following overview for Fisti-Fluffs:

Fisti-Fluffs release date

Fisti-Fluffs, a physics-based party game, has finally resurfaced with an actual release date and trailer. You’ll be able to pick it up in just a couple of weeks.

The title was previously announced for Switch last December. Originally, it was planned for an early 2021 launch. That didn’t come to be, but publisher Rogue Games and developer Playfellow Studio have now confirmed that it will be released on September 23.

Fisti-Fluffs has you playing as a cat and battling others as you destroy environments (six in total) in frenetic over-the-top fights. The game works alone, but multiplayer is where the real fun comes in, and up to four people can duke it out in brawls. A few different game modes are planned, including Tussle, Crown Control, Destruction, Party, and Kibble Defense. There are other features such as the ability to customize cats, a built-in camera mode to take shareable screenshots, and more.

The physics-based party game Fisti-Fluffs is heading to Switch, Rogue Games and Playfellow Studio announced today. It’ll be out in early 2021.

Here’s some information about the game as well as a trailer:

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