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Drainus gameplay

Drainus made its way to Switch this week, and fresh gameplay has emerged. 23 minutes of footage gives a look at the side-scrolling shooter.

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Drainus release date

A final release date has been shared for Drainus on Switch. The shoot ’em up game will arrive on February 2, 2023, publisher Playism and developer WSS Playground announced today.

Drainus was previously confirmed for Switch in September. There was no word on launch timing at that point.

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Drainus physical

We still don’t know when exactly Drainus will be launching on Switch, but confirmation has been provided that a physical release is in the cards. Strictly Limited Games is handling production.

Drainus will be sold with both a standard version and collector’s edition. The latter, which costs $69.99 and is limited to 1,500 copies worldwide, includes a copy of the game, special box with magnetic latch, game manual, material collection book with an exclusive manga in both English and Japanese plus an exclusive interview with the developer and behind-the-scenes material about the development, hanging decoration, original soundtrack on CD, textile patch with the emblem of the Kharlarl Empire, enamel logo pin, and a double-sided poster.

Needy Streamer Overload gameplay

Needy Streamer Overload saw its Switch debut just recently, and we have a closer look at this version of the title with new gameplay. 20 minutes of footage has come in.

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Needy Girl Overdose physical

WSS Playground confirmed Needy Streamer Overload for Switch earlier this year, but we now have news regarding a physical release.

As things stand now, the title will be digital-only in the west. In Japan, however, WSS Playground intends to make a physical version available (under its original name Needy Girl Overdose). English support will be included on the cartridge, and since Switch is region free, anyone can import a copy and play through the game without any issues.


Today, Playism announced that it’s teaming up with Team Ladybug and WSS playground on a Switch version of Drainus. A release window was not provided.

Originally released for PC, Drainus is a side-scrolling shooting game that puts players in control of the “Drainus”, the Kharlal Empire’s most cutting-edge fighter with the ability to absorb energy bullets. They’ll be taking down the enemy ships zipping through space.

WSS Playground has released a new trailer for their streamer simulation psychological horror game, Needy Streamer Overload. This trailer comes in celebration of the highly-praised title reaching 550,000 sales on PC.

Here is an overview of the game via Steam:

Needy Streamer Overload

Following a successful debut on PC, WSS Playground has announced that it’s bringing Needy Streamer Overload to Switch. The streamer simulation psychological horror game is on track to hit Nintendo’s console on October 27, 2022.

The title stars “OMGkawaiiAngel”, who’s described as “a young girl with a rather extreme need for approval attempting to become the #1 ‘Internet Angel’ (streamer).” Players are tasked with building up her follows while she streams, using various “stress relievers” as well as “generally being kinda messed up.”

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