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PM Studios

Hoa, the adventure-platformer originally scheduled for April, has been delayed. PM Studios and Skrollcat Studio announced today that the game will now launch in July.

While the delay will come as a disappointment to fans, there is some good news for collector’s. It’s now confirmed that Hoa will be sold physically at retailers. You can pre-order the game on Amazon here.

Source: PM Studios PR

Bladed Fury footage

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Bladed Fury arrives on Switch this week. Check out some gameplay with the video below.

Bladed Fury is scheduled to release on Switch on March 25

PM Studios have announced that their action game, Bladed Fury, will now be launching this month on March 25 in Europe and North America. The game will be available both physically at retailers and digitally on the Switch eShop. You can check out our initial coverage of Bladed Fury, including an overview and trailer, here.

Source: PM Studios PR

Thanks to IGN, we have a new look at the puzzle-platformer Hoa. Son Tra from the development team at Skrollcat Studio walks fans through seven minutes of gameplay.

Here’s the full video:

The arcade-style soccer / beat ’em up game Guts ‘N Goals is on the way to Switch, PM Studios and developer CodeManu announced today. It should arrive on August 27.

Here’s some information about Guts ‘N Goals as well as a trailer:

Ever Forward now has a final release date. The puzzle-adventure game releases on June 29, PM Studios and Pathea Games have announced.

Here’s a new trailer:

PM Studios and Zarc Attack have announced that Exophobia, a retro-inspired first person shooter, is in the works for Switch. It will launch on October 5.

Here’s an overview of Exophobia, along with a trailer:

#Drive footage

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#Drive, an endless driving game, lands on Switch tomorrow. Get a look at some early footage in the video below.

#Drive will be available for Switch via the eShop. Learn more about the game and check out a trailer here.

PM Studios and Pixel Perfect Dude are bringing the endless driving game #Drive to Switch next week, PM Studios and Pixel Perfect Dude announced today. It will be available digitally on February 16.

We have the following overview and trailer for #Drive:

Iris.Fall footage

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Iris.Fall, a puzzle-adventure game, arrives on Switch later this week. Take a look at some early footage in the video below.

Iris.Fall will be out for Switch on January 7.