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PM Studios

The beat ’em up game Streets of Red is going physical. PM Studios and acttil made the announcement today, which is happening through Limited Run Games.

Two versions of the physical release are being prepared. Along with a standard copy, fans can purchase a collector’s edition. It contains:

Mantis Burn Racing’s North American physical release will no longer be happening. In an email sent to customers, PM Studios said that “external circumstances” have prevented it from moving forward. No further information was provided, buy pre-orders placed on the company’s website have been cancelled and refunded.

Thankfully, there is another option out there as a physical edition was previously made in Japan. Play-Asia is selling copies here.


Publisher PM Studios and developer Poke Life Studio have announced Evolutis, a cyberpunk anime-realistic story-driven game. It will launch on Switch in 2020.

Here’s an overview of Evolutis:

PM Studios and acttil have announced a new limited edition for WILL: A Wonderful World. Pre-orders go live on the PM Studios Online Store as of today, and will release on October 23.

All copies include a 180-page full color art book, soundtrack download code, exclusive reversible cover sheet, and a Willy plushie. Only 450 units will be produced.

Here’s an overview of WILL: A Wonderful World:

PM Studios and acttil have announced that the rhythm music game MUSYNX received a new update on Switch today. Players can accessed nine new songs with version 1.1.4, featuring renowned composers around the world and a special collaboration with J-pop singer Yunomi.

Here’s a trailer showing what’s new:

All of these songs are now available in MUSYNX for free.

Source: PM Studios PR

The physical version of Mantis Burn Racing has received a final release date. It’ll be out on December 12 in North America, publishers PM Studios and acttil announced today.

Here’s some information about Mantis Burn Racing:

Europe and Australia are joining North America with the physical version of Horizon Chase Turbo. Numskull Games announced today that it has partnered with Aquiris Game Studio and publisher PM Studios to bring the racer to retail in PAL regions.

Horizon Chase Turbo launches physically in Europe and Australia on July 26. It will include a collectible postcard as a bonus.

Source: Numskull Games PR

PM Studios and acttil have dated the physical version of Horizon Chase Turbo. In North America, it will be available at retailers starting July 30. All initial copies will come with deluxe package art and an exclusive “Thank You” card from the developer.

Source: acttil PR

A few months ago, the story-driven action game Ministry of Broadcast was announced for Switch. PM Studios and acttil have now confirmed that they’ll be offering a physical version early next year.

Here’s an overview of Ministry of Broadcast, along with a trailer:

A new update for Cytus Alpha has gone live in Switch. Players can now access version 1.0.3.

Below are the patch notes in full: