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PopSlinger gameplay

Following its debut on Switch this week, gameplay has come in for the musical shooter PopSlinger. We have just under a half hour of footage.

For more on PopSlinger, check out the following overview:

PopSlinger trailer

Funky Can Creative has released a launch trailer for PopSlinger, its narrative-focused musical shooter inspired by 90’s Japanese animation. The game just released on Switch.

More information about PopSlinger can be found below.


Funky Can Creative has announced PopSlinger, a vibrant musical shooter inspired by ’90s anime. The game will be available for Switch on January 26, 2022.

The game has players taking on the role of Ria Carbon, “a regular girl turned into the overconfident goofball hero PopSlinger.” It focuses on the character having to save the planet from sinister invaders using soda-powered guns who has received magical powers by a former PopSlinger named Gin.


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