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Power Disc Slam

Power Disc Slam’s new update is now confirmed for release next Thursday. This will bring the game up to version 1.10.

In North America, the new version will be a standard update. In Europe though, players will need to re-download Power Disc Slam entirely due to an updated USK rating.

Chequered Cow Games shared on Twitter:


Chequered Cow Games has finished up a new patch for its 3DS eShop game Power Disc Slam. In terms of content, 16 new mini-game levels are included, along with some lighting effects/variants.

On Twitter, Chequered Cow Games shared the following:

The new Power Disc Slam has already been submitted in North America and Europe. Assuming it goes through smoothly, it should be out soon.


This coming week, Power Disc Slam will be available in North America. The eShop says it’ll be out on August 18 for $7.49.

In Europe, Power Disc Slam launched on July 28.

Here’s an overview from the eShop listing:

Power Disc Slam is no simple throw-about in the park with your dog – it’s an intense arcade sports game pitting you against the best. Choose your favourite character and take to the court to show off your skills. Learn how to slide, spin and trick your opponents.

Watch out for Cooper’s fearsome power, Mariana’s speed, Henrik’s long reach and Adeline’s trickery! Be alert, as each surface plays differently and the scoring layouts change. Practise your skills in Free Play, then go up against the challenge of the Arcade mode.

Try to win all of the cups, see how many opponents you can beat in Survival mode, or compete for the best score in 48 minigame levels across six different games. When you’re ready, challenge your friends with Local Play, or connect to the internet* and play matches against players from around the world.

Can you become a Power Disc Slam master?

Power Disc Slam has finally been dated for Europe. The game is just a few days away from release, as it should be out on July 28 for €11.99.

Here’s a brief overview for those who haven’t been keeping track of Power Disc Slam:

“Power Disc Slam brings elements of air hockey and throws human players into the mix to create a macro version of the classic game. A wealth of power ups and special challenge levels stir up the gameplay to bring air hockey screaming into the 21st century.”

Power Disc Slam doesn’t have a date in North America as of now, but it should drop soon hopefully.


Power Disc Slam was revealed for 3DS towards the end of 2015, with plans to have it out early this year. Although that didn’t happen, the game remains in the works. Here’s a new trailer showing Chequered Cow Games’ progress:

You can also keep track of Power Disc Slam through the official website here.

Chequered Cow Games has announced Power Disc Slam, a 3DS eShop game inspired by the Neo Geo title Windjammers. It’ll come with a number of single-player modes, 6 mini-games with 8 levels apiece, difficulty settings local and online multiplayer, StreetPass support, and online rankings. Full stereoscopic support and 60 frames per second are also supported.

Power Disc Slam will be available on the 3DS eShop early next year. A trailer for the game can be found below.