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The arcade title Monkey King: Master of the Clouds, otherwise known as Cloud Master, was announced for Switch back in June. Retroism has now announced a surprise release of the title, which is live on the eShop.

Monkey King: Master of the Clouds has “HD ready elements” as well as online leaderboards and more. We have an official overview below, along with new footage.

Last week, Retroism released Return of Double Dragon. The SNES game, originally from 1992, is the Japanese version of Super Double Dragon, which is now fully playable in English and expanded since its original version.

Here’s a trailer:

The arcade game known as Cloud Master is coming to the Switch this upcoming summer worldwide. The HD release of this game is now renamed to Monkey King: Master of the Clouds and will be published by Retroism.


Super Double Dragon came to North America way back in 1992. However, Japan received a notably different version under the name Return of Double Dragon. That title is now finally making its way stateside.

Return of Double Dragon is launching in North America on July 19. It features new moves, some extra stages, an updated soundtrack, and drop-in co-op play.

Amazon is taking pre-orders for Return of Double Dragon here. The first-print run will include a limited edition red cartridge.


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