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SFB Games

Nintendo of Europe announced on Twitter this morning that Snipperclips will be the next Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial in Europe. This should apply to all PAL regions, and will be available to all users with an active subscription from January 27, when the current Online Game Trial, Uno, is set to end. Any progress made in the game can be transferred to the full version.

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Late last year, Snipperclips developer SFB Games came out with its detective adventure game Tangle Tower. Following the strong reception, the studio has decided to move forward with a sequel.

Not much is known at the project at this time. However, don’t expect it to be called Tangle Tower 2 due to the inclusion of an entirely new story and characters.

There’s no word on a release window for the sequel this time. SFB Games is currently working on the writing.


SFB Games has prepared a launch trailer for its Switch eShop title Tangle Tower. Have a look at the new video below.

Tangle Tower, a mystery puzzle game from Snipperclips developer SFB Games, launches on the Switch eShop tomorrow. View some footage below.

Tangle Tower is still releasing on Switch this month, but it will now arrive on October 22. SFB Games, the studio behind Snipperclips, cited “unavoidable reasons” for the slight delay.

Tangle Tower is a mystery game that has players investigating a murder case. Players hunt for clues, interrogate suspects, and untangle various puzzles.

Source: SFB Games PR

IGN has shared a bunch of footage for Tangle Tower, the latest game from the developer of Snipperclips that’s arriving on Switch next month. Check out the gameplay video below.

SFB Games, the developer behind Snipperclips, has wrapped up development of a brand new project that’s coming soon to Switch. Announced today, the mystery game Tangle Tower will be released via the eShop on October 11.

Here’s an overview of Tangle Tower, along with a trailer:

On Friday, Snipperclips Plus started to be sold in stores and the original title earned some new content. See what’s new in the gameplay video below.

Nintendo has readied a new launch trailer for Snipperclips Plus, out today at retail or as DLC for the original game. See the video below.

Nintendo Life conducted a new interview with Tom and Adam Vian from SFB Games about Snipperclips Plus. The developer brothers discussed how the new release came to be, the new Stamp mode, and more.

Find some excerpts from the interview below. You can read the full discussion here.

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