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Shephy is one of the new games out now on the Switch eShop today. Have a look at some footage below.

Assuming all goes as planned, Shephy will be released on Switch this week as a digital title. Have a look at the official trailer below.

eShop listings in Europe have indicated that Shephy and Vaccine are due out on July 6. The same may also be taking place in North America. Nintendo’s website lists both titles for the same day in the states.

Shephy will be priced at $4.99. No official price yet for Vaccine just yet.

In case you missed it previously, here’s the overview for Shephy:

Shephy could be heading to the European Switch eShop very soon. The game now has a listing on the store, which shows a July 6 release date. Pricing is set at €4.99.

Here’s a lengthy overview:

Shephy, the single-player card game with cute and lovely illustrations that keeps players coming back for more is now available on Nintendo Switch.

[Increasing the number of sheeps?]
The main goal of the game is to increase your sheep count to 1,000. Using combination of the event cards, achieve the goal before the deck is emptied 3 times. Let’s go sheep.

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