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Piczle Lines 2 gameplay

Just over a half hour of gameplay is now available for Piczle Lines 2: Into the Puzzleverse. The footage gives us a closer look at the logic-puzzle experience.

For more information about the title, read the following overview:

Piczle Lines 2: Into the Puzzleverse

Piczle Lines 2: Into the Puzzleverse has been announced for Switch, and you won’t have to wait long to play it. Publisher Rainy Frog and developer Score Studios confirmed that the title is scheduled for February 22, 2023.

Below is an overview with more information:

Sword of the Vagrant physical

Limited Run Games and Red Art Games, in partnership with Rainy Frog, O.T.K. Games, and DICO, announced plans to produce a physical version of Sword of the Vagrant in the west.

Pre-orders start today with both companies. Those who pre-order the PEGI-rated physical version from Red Art Games will receive two exclusive pre-order bonuses: a 45-page art book and a keychain. Limited Run Games hasn’t shared information about its ESRB version yet.

Sword of the Vagrant gameplay

Those interested in getting a closer look at Sword of the Vagrant can now do so thanks to new gameplay. Nearly an hour of footage has come in.

More information about the title can be found in the following overview:

We now have a release date for the Switch version of Sword of the Vagrant, the action RPG from publisher Rainy Frog and developer O.T.K. Games. The two sides confirmed today that it will be available on December 1, 2022.

Sword of the Vagrant was announced for Switch back in 2020. We originally thought it was going to see release on the console this past June, but that didn’t end up happening. Today’s December date appears to be final.

Murder on the Marine Express

The mystery visual novel Murder on the Marine Express will soon be making its way to Switch, publisher Rainy Frog and developer 1564 Studio confirmed today. It’s currently on track to debut on September 1, 2022.

The game has players taking on the role of Ranko Togawa as they investigate a murder that happens aboard an underwater train and attempt to clear the name of the main suspect. Further information can be found in the overview below.

Sword of the Vagrant debut trailer

Following this week’s news that Sword of the Vagrant is arriving on Switch next month, publisher Rainy Frog and developer O.T.K. Games have come out with a debut trailer. This provides a proper look at the upcoming fantasy action RPG.

As previously mentioned, Sword of the Vagrant is the final name of The Vagrant, which was first made known for Switch in 2020.

Sword of the Vagrant

Famitsu has provided a release date on the Switch version of The Vagrant, which will be called Sword of the Vagrant. According to the magazine, it’s slated to launch this June.

Sword of the Vagrant was confirmed for Switch back in March 2020. A release window was not provided at the time.

Piczle Puzzle & Watch Collection

A new update is available for Piczle Puzzle & Watch Collection today. Here are the full patch notes:

Piczle Puzzle & Watch Collection

Rainy Frog and Score Studios have announced Piczle Puzzle & Watch Collection, a digital package of three puzzle titles. It will be released on July 29.

Rainy Frog has passed along the following overview and trailer:

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