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Back in 1992, Masaya and NCS Corporation released Gleylancer on the SEGA Mega Drive. It stayed exclusive to Japan until the Wii Virtual Console version in 2008. Now thanks to Shinyuden and Ratalaika Games, the title is returning on Switch.

Greylancer is a horizontal scrolling shooter. The Switch port will have improved modes with accessibility features, including translations for the cutscenes and modern controls.

Here’s some additional information about Gleylancer:

New footage has emerged for Red Colony, Switch’s new action horror game. Have a look at the gameplay in the video below.

Red Colony is out now on the Japanese Switch eShop. The western release is planned for January 18. We’ve got more information and a trailer for the game here.

Shinyuden and RunicCodes are bringing the horror action game Red Colony to Switch, the two companies have announced. It’ll be out on January 7, 2021 as an eShop download.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

It’s been almost three years since Bike Rider DX debuted on the Japanese Switch eShop. It’s now finally coming west with a new name: Crazy BMX World.

Shinyuden will be handling the western release. The company confirmed today that both North America and Europe are getting the game on November 5.

Here’s an overview of Crazy BMX World, along with a trailer:

Noahmund has received a new trailer to promote its initial release. View the video below, and stay tuned for news about the Switch launch in the future.

Noahmund is coming to Switch, Estudio Ábrego and Shinyuden have confirmed. The game will be released on the platform and other consoles following the Steam release.

Noahmund, an RPG, features an original battle system that mixes strategy and real-time action. We have further details and a trailer below.

Shinyuden confirmed in April that Heroes Trials is coming to Switch. The developer won’t be releasing its game alone, as Ratalakia Games has announced publishing duties for the west.

We have the following overview for the action RPG.

Shinyuden has confirmed that the action RPG Heroes Trials is coming soon to Switch. A release is planned for this spring.

Heroes Trials features different characters to play as with unique fighting styles, such as a sword fighter and magic wielder. The game involves going through dungeons, solving puzzles, and defeating bosses.

Further details about Heroes Trials, plus a trailer, are included below.