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Slap City

Slap City gameplay

Posted on 4 months ago by in Switch eShop, Videos | 0 comments

The platform fighter Slap City received a surprise release on Switch eShop earlier this week, and we have twenty five minutes of gameplay footage available for those interested in checking out the game.

Find out more about Slap City below:

Slap City

The platform fighter Slap City has received a surprise release on Switch. Ludosity hadn’t announced the title for Nintendo’s console previously, but it’s out now.

Ludosity was one of the developers behind Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. This one plays a bit similarly, and features a variety of characters such as Ittle Dew and Princess Remedy. The game offers “customizable controls, online crossplay, single-player story modes, and a farcical amount of bonus content”.

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