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Soldam 2

Three new videos have popped up online for Switch eShop games. Find footage for Othello, Vroom in the Night Sky, and Soldam 2 below.

Ahead of its Japanese launch this week, a trailer has been published online for the Switch eShop puzzle game Soldam 2. We have it below.

The first footage from the Switch eShop puzzler Soldam 2 was just shown on a Japanese live stream. We’ve posted the recording below.

This week, City Connection announced a sequel to the arcade and Game Boy puzzle game Soldam. It’s planned for release on the Japanese eShop for Switch’s launch, but it will be published in the west as well under the name “Soldam 2”. Confirmation about the North American and European version was posted on the official Twitter account today.

There’s no word at the moment about any sort of release date sadly. Details will be announced “later” for western territories.


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