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Space Invaders: Invincible Collection

Ahead of its March 26 launch in Japan, Taito has shared the latest trailer for Space Invaders: Invincible Collection. Watch it below.

Taito today announced the final release date for Space Invaders: Invincible Collection. In Japan, it’ll be out on March 26. The standard release will go for 5,200 yen while a special edition will cost 16,800 yen.

Both versions include these games:

Coming from the latest issue of Famitsu in Japan, the first six titles have been revealed as part of the Space Invaders: Invincible Collection.

The following titles have been confirmed. More titles will be revealed at a later time.

  • Space Invaders
  • Space Invaders Part II
  • Super Space Invaders ’91
  • Space Invaders DX
  • Space Invaders Extreme
  • Space Cyclone

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As part of this week’s issue of Famitsu, Taito has revealed Space Invaders: Invincible Collection for Switch, set to come to Japan in 2020.

According to Gematsu’s translation, the tentatively titled Invincible Collection will include six titles that are being ported over to the Switch for the first time.

Those interested can view the scan below.

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