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Sympathy Kiss

[Review] Sympathy Kiss

Posted on 3 months ago by in Reviews, Switch | 0 comments

Sympathy Kiss review

System: Switch
Release date: February 27, 2024
Developer: Idea Factory
Publisher: Idea Factory

Akari Amasawa is someone that I’m sure plenty of us can relate to: she wakes up in the morning, she goes to work after breakfast, and she comes home in the evening. Rinse and repeat. Her job is one that could be done by basically anyone, and her life is unremarkable. But really, what else can you expect? That’s just life. But even unremarkable circumstances can change, and for Akari, who has been with IT company Estario Corp. as a designer for almost a year, her work life (and, of course, her personal life) is suddenly turned upside-down when she is recruited as part of a small team to save one of the company’s founding apps, which has been losing momentum as it is pushed out by the competition. Her new role is uncertain, and her new colleagues are strangers. In Sympathy Kiss, a new otome title from Idea Factory, you’ll be joining her on her journey to navigate the perilous trenches of work, romance, and life. The choices you’ll make along the way are probably not what most people would do in her situation, but it’s certainly a nice break from the stressors of everyday life.

Today, Idea Factory announced the final release date for Sympathy Kiss and revealed a limited edition. The otome title launches February 27, 2024 in both North America and Europe.

The Sympathy Kiss Limited Edition will include a number of goodies in addition to the actual game. It comes with a hardcover art book, audio drama and official soundtrack, company travel tumbler, Estario stationary set, reversible cover sleeve, collector’s box, and exclusive trading card. We have a look at the limited edition above.

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