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Those Awesome Guys

Move or Die Unhinged update

Those Awesome Guys announced today that a new “Unhinged” update is now live for Move or Die on Switch.

New content is available, including a Dead by Daylight collaboration. That’s on top of new game modes, characters, and more.

The update features the following:

Move or Die: Unleashed gameplay

Move or Die: Unleashed made its debut on Switch this week, and gameplay has since surfaced. 20 minutes of footage shows off the fast-paced party game.

Move or Die Unleashed

Those Awesome Guys announced this week that Move or Die: Unleashed, its fast-paced party game, will be reaching Switch next month. A release is scheduled for March 10, 2022.

Move or Die has been around for a few years now. For the new Unleashed version on Switch though, the game will include several years of content sourced from over 30 seasonal and thematic updates published since the initial release. It will also include special crossover content like characters from Rick and Morty, Shovel Knight, and Shotgun Farmers, in addition to an extensive collection of over the top game modes and mutators inspired by mechanics from other indie classics such as Superhot, Heavy Bullets, and What The Golf.

Super Rare Games has announced a new partnership with Beautiful Glitch and Those Awesome Guys on physical versions of Monster Prom: XXL for Switch.

The dating sim will be offered with a standard release and collector’s edition. They’ll be limited to 5,000 copies and 1,500 copies respectively.

The Monster Prom: XXL Collector’s Edition includes:

Dating sim Monster Prom: XXL arrives on the Switch eShop today. You can take a look at some new gameplay below.


The multiplayer dating sim Monster Prom: XXL is on the way to Switch, publisher Those Awesome Guys and developer Beautiful Glitch have announced. It will release digitally via the eShop on May 21.

Monster Prom: XXL contains the main game and Second Term DLC, in addition to all the seasonal content released throughout the game’s lifespan.

Here’s an official overview and trailer:

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