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Tommy Refenes

Super Meat Boy Forever

Team Meat won’t be moving on from Super Meat Boy Forever after the game is released. Speaking with DualShockers, designer Tommy Refenes mentioned that the team has “some plans for DLC” that would consist of “substantial” new additions for it post-launch. Such DLC would intend to make the game’s levels “ridiculously hard”.

Something else in the works is a feature for user-created levels. However, this won’t be ready in time for launch. Refenes hasn’t elaborated on how the functionality will work just yet.


Nintendo has shown a clear commitment towards indie developers since the beginning of Switch’s lifecycle. We’ve seen two dedicated indie presentations and a notable presence at PAX West to put a spotlight on some of the smaller – yet still very important – games coming to Nintendo’s console.

Many indies have expressed interest in Switch since Nintendo seems to be doing almost everything right. From the support for certain tech like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity to promoting, the company is trying its best to put indies in a position to succeed.

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