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What the Golf? Special Events

What the Golf? is about to release its new Among Golf update on Switch. It will be available for all players on August 3, 2023.

The mini-campaign is full of over 35 new Among Us-inspired levels. Here’s some additional information:

What the Golf Among Us update

Triband is still working on updates for What the Golf?, and has now revealed a crossover with Among Us.

35 levels inspired by the popular game will be made available to all players for free. The update is said to take players “through a space station full of Impostors, Crewmates, betrayal, vending machines, surprises, space rockets, UFOs, vents, cats and other vaguely related items that are great for golfing”.

What the Golf? A Hole New World" update

A new, free update has just come to What the Golf? on Switch in the form of “A Whole New World”.

Players can access a bunch of additional content. It contains over 50 levels “that still aren’t golf”, 1,000 holes, and apparently hotdog cannons.

Here’s a trailer showing the “A Hole New World” update for What the Golf?:

What the Golf?

Triband has announced the release of a major update for What the Golf? on Switch – and it technically dropped a week earlier than expected.

Players can get their hands on three new packs: Sporty Sports Pack, the It’s Snowtime Pack, and a Challenge mode. There are new fixes and optimizations, too.

Here’s some additional information: 

Just a short while ago, What the Golf? made its debut on the Switch eShop. But physical collectors will be happy to hear that a physical version is also happening.

iam8bit is taking pre-orders for the physical edition as well as a vinyl soundtrack here. Copies will come with an exclusive cover sheet with interior art and sticker sheet pack-in bonus. Only 2,500 units will be produced.

The physical version of What the Golf? and its vinyl soundtrack are expected to ship in Q3 2020.

Source: iam8bit PR

Triband has issued a launch trailer for What the Golf?, its anti golf game. We’ve included the video below.

What the Golf? is available digitally on Switch via the eShop.

As we heard earlier today, What the Golf? is making its way to Switch on May 21. Find some early footage in the video below.

What the Golf? will be offered for Switch through the eShop.

A number of announcements have been made for Switch today as part of the Indie World Showcase. One of these is What the Golf?, an “anti-golf game” slated for this winter.

Learn more about What the Golf? with the following overview and trailer:

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