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Unbound Creations

Unbound Creations has announced new DLC for its Switch game Rain on Your Parade. It’ll include more levels, new cloud powers, developer commentary, and cloud hats.

Here’s a trailer:

Rain on Your Parade, Unbound Creations’ slapstick comedy game, is due out on Switch later this week. Find some footage in the video below.

Rain on Your Parade is slated for April 15 on the Switch eShop. For additional information and a trailer, head on over here.

Unbound Creations is bringing Rain on Your Parade to Switch, the studio announced today. The slapstick comedy game will release digitally on April 15.

Here’s an overview of Rain on Your Parade, along with a trailer:

The news editor sim Headliner: NoviNews is out today on Switch as a digital download. For a look at some footage, view the video below.

Unbound Creations will be bringing Headliner: NoviNews to Switch. As shown on the eShop, the adventure game will be out on August 19.

Here’s some additional information about Headliner: NoviNews: