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Another update has just come to the 3D platformer Mail Mole, with players now being able to play through The Lost Presents on Switch. The new winter challenge DLC is entirely free to download.

Here’s some additional information from developer Undercoders:

New gameplay is in for the side-scrolling action-adventure game Treasures of the Aegean. Just a few days ago, publisher Numskull Games and developer Undercoders put the title on Switch.

For more on Treasures of the Aegean, check out the following overview:

Treasures of the Aegean made it to Switch this week, and we now have a new launch trailer. Publisher Numskull Games and developer Undercoders brought the side-scrolling action-adventure game to the eShop a couple of days ago.

Learn more about Treasures of the Aegean with the following overview:

The 3D platformer Mail Mole has been updated with free DLC known as Mystery Mansion, adding a new spooky adventure.

Here’s some additional information:

A major patch has gone live for Mail Mole, Undercoders’ 3D platformer. “Xpress Deliveries”, otherwise known as version 1.2.0, is available on Switch.

Today’s update includes new levels, costumes from indie games, and more. We’ve included additional information below.

Numskull Games and Undercoders have announced treasures of the Aegean, a side-scrolling action-adventure game. It’s on track for Q4 2021.

Here’s some information about the project as well as a trailer:

Talpa Games and Undercoders have announced Mail Mole, a new 3D platformer for Switch. The game is currently targeted for release sometime this summer.

Here’s an overview of Mail Mole, along with a trailer:

This week, the Metroidvania-style adventure game SuperEpic made it to the Switch eShop. View the game’s launch trailer below.

After it was given a December release window, SuperEpic: The Entertainment War has received a final date. Numskull Games will publish the Metroidvania style action-adventure game on December 12.

Here’s an overview of SuperEpic: The Entertainment War, along with a trailer:

Publisher Numskull Games and developer Undercoders have announced SuperEpic, a Metroidvania-style adventure game with a humorous and satirical tone. It will launch on Switch in December.

Here’s some additional information: