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Numskull Games

Numskull Games today announced a special physical release for SuperEpic, a Metroidvania-style adventure game. Fans will be able to purchase a standard version or the Badge Collector’s Edition. With the latter release, a special collector’s display box is included along with six high-quality pin badges. Only 5,000 copies will be produced on Switch.

Here’s some information about SuperEpic:

This week, the Metroidvania-style adventure game SuperEpic made it to the Switch eShop. View the game’s launch trailer below.

A week today, SuperEpic: The Entertainment War will be appearing on the Switch eShop. You can view some footage in the video below.

After it was given a December release window, SuperEpic: The Entertainment War has received a final date. Numskull Games will publish the Metroidvania style action-adventure game on December 12.

Here’s an overview of SuperEpic: The Entertainment War, along with a trailer:

The physical version of Deadly Premonition Origins has been dated for Europe. Numskull Games will distribute the title on November 22, the company has announced.

Here’s a trailer:

Deadly Premonition Origins is currently available digitally on the eShop.

Publisher Numskull Games and developer Undercoders have announced SuperEpic, a Metroidvania-style adventure game with a humorous and satirical tone. It will launch on Switch in December.

Here’s some additional information:

A mix of good and bad news for visual novel fans in Europe: YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world is getting a slight delay – it’ll now be released on October 11 instead of October 4. However, Europeans will now also have the opportunity to buy the Limited Edition of the game that was previously only confirmed for North America. The Limited Edition can be purchased at NIS America’s European online store. It seems like NIS America are now assisting Numskull Games with publishing the game in Europe.

The contents of the Limited Edition are the same as the one sold in North America:

– YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World Nintendo Switch Day 1 Edition (Includes a voucher code for 8-BIT YU-NO’S GREAT ADVENTURE. Experience an action game set in classic 8-bit style featuring the characters from YU-NO.)
– Hardcover Art Book (Contains Spoilers)
– 5-Disc DVD Official Soundtrack
– Pillow Case
– Collector’s Box


Back in May, it was confirmed that 5pb.’s visual novel “YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world” would be getting a North American release. Today, Numskull Games announced that they will publishing the game in Europe and Australia. The game will be released in these territories on October 4; the North American release date is October 1. The game will be getting both a physical and a digital version. There’s no word yet on the limited edition the North American market is receiving.

Head past the break for the full press release from Numskull Games:

Europe and Australia are joining North America with the physical version of Horizon Chase Turbo. Numskull Games announced today that it has partnered with Aquiris Game Studio and publisher PM Studios to bring the racer to retail in PAL regions.

Horizon Chase Turbo launches physically in Europe and Australia on July 26. It will include a collectible postcard as a bonus.

Source: Numskull Games PR

Spike Chunsoft will be releasing AI: The Somnium Files on Switch a few months from now. We know that Europe and Australia won’t be left behind, as the company is teaming up with an outside publisher to bring the game to other territories.

Numskull Games announced today that it will release AI: The Somnium Files in European and Australian markets. The detective game will be out both physically and digitally on September 20. This partnership will continue going forward, with Numskull handling other titles from Spike Chunsoft as well.