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Unfold Games

DARQ: Complete Edition

Feardemic, along with Unfold Games, have announced a new partnership with Limited Run Games on the physical release of DARQ: Complete Edition. The horror-puzzler will be offered with standard and collector’s edition copies.

The collector’s edition features the following:

DARQ Complete Edition

Feardemic and Unfold Games are celebrating the launch of DARQ: Complete Edition with a new trailer. Get a closer look at the 2.5D side-scroller below.

DARQ: Complete Edition can be found on the Switch eShop. For additional information, head on over here.

DARQ: Complete Edition

Feardemic and Unfold Games have released a new trailer for DARQ: Complete Edition, a 2.5D side-scroller. As previously mentioned, the game launches on March 25.

Here’s the video:

DARQ: Complete Edition

DARQ: Complete Edition won’t be launching for Switch in December as originally planned. The game is now targeted for release in early 2021, Feardemic and Unfold Games announced today.

DARQ: Complete Edition will be sold physically and digitally on Switch. The physical version will be distributed towards the end of Q1 2021.

We have more information about DARQ: Complete Edition as well as a trailer here.

Source: Feardemic PR

DARQ: Complete Edition

As part of Gamescom 2020, Unfold Games has offered a look at The Crypt DLC for DARQ, which will be included in the upcoming Switch release. View the gameplay developer walkthrough below.

DARQ: Complete Edition launches on Switch digitally later in 2020, followed by a physical version in early 2021.

DARQ: Complete Edition

Feardemic, in partnership with Unfold Games, today announced that it will publish DARQ: Complete Edition on Switch. The 2.5D side-scroller had already been confirmed for Nintendo’s console, but now we have an early 2021 release window. It’s also confirmed that DARQ: Complete Edition will come packaged with two pieces of DLC: “The Tower” and “The Crypt”.

Here’s an overview of DARQ, along with a trailer:

The 2.5D side-scroller DARQ is planned for Switch, according to developer Unfold Games. When asked if we could see the title on Nintendo’s console, the studio responded with: “Yes! It’s on my to-do list”.

For those who haven’t heard of DARQ previously, learn more with the following overview and trailer:

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