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We Are Fuzzy

Shooter Sleep Tight already released in the United States in July, but now developer We Are Fuzzy seems about ready to debut the game in Europe. They posted on Twitter that those requesting a release of the game in the EU eShop should expect an “exciting announcement coming soon.”


To promote today’s launch of Sleep Tight on Switch, We Are Fuzzy published a new launch trailer. We’ve attached the video below.

GameXplain released a video that shows the first 26 minutes of Sleep Tight, the twin-stick shooter with base-building elements coming to Switch on July 26. You can watch the footage below.

Today, We Are Funny issued a new developer diary for Sleep Tight. In the video below, you can listen to a couple of team members discuss the gameplay, showing how the title evolved from a prototype to its final form.

We Are Fuzzy uploaded the first developer diary for its upcoming Switch game Sleep Tight. Watch “The Art of Sleep Tight” below.

Having confirmed the July 26 release date, We Are Fuzzy has sent out a new trailer for Sleep Tight. We have it below.

Based on a new listing from the North American eShop, Sleep Tight appears to have a release date. The game is currently scheduled for July 26 on Nintendo’s console.

Sleep Tight is a twin-stick shooter with base-builder elements. It was developed with We Are Fuzzy, which is filled with some interesting talent. The team includes Westworld opening credits creative director Maxx Burman, Disney character artist Dylan Ekren, Ubisoft / Far Cry designer Oscar Mar, among others.

We Are Fuzzy has revealed Sleep Tight, a new arcade-style twin-stick shooter for Switch. The game involves building the perfect pillow fort and defending a childhood bedroom from monsters.

We Are Fuzzy has quite a bit of talent on board. Maxx Burman, the creative director behind Westworld’s opening credits, is working on the game. An artist who has been involved with Game of Thrones, Far Cry 5, Titanfall, and Iron Man 3 is working on the project as well, in addition to Disney character artist Dylan Ekren and Ubisoft / Far Cry designer Oscar Mar.

Sleep Tight is slated for Q1 2018 on Switch. View the first trailer below.