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Hokko Life update

A new update has just been made available for the Switch version of Hokko Life.

A big part of the patch is an improvement to performance issues, though bug fixes have been implemented as well. Team17 says the team has “been working on the issues surrounding save game storage getting full and improving the messaging around them.” Another update is also in the works “where players will be able to manage their created items and control their save space usage.”

The full patch notes for today’s Hokko Life update on Switch are as follows:

Hokko Life gameplay

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Hokko Life gameplay

Following the launch of Hokko Life on Switch this week, new gameplay has emerged. 41 minutes of footage shows off the sim title.

Learn more about Hokko Life in the following overview:

Hokko Life trailer

Team17 and Wonderscope Games are promoting the debut of Hokko Life with a new launch trailer. The title, a community sim, just made it to Switch this week.

Learn more about Hokko Life in the following overview:

Hokko Life physical

Hokko Life, which was previously announced for Switch, is now confirmed to be receiving a physical release on the platform.

Fireshine Games appears to be handling distribution of the boxed version at retail. Amazon has it down for September 27 – the same day as the digital launch.

Hokko Life

Hokko Life was previously announced for PC, but publisher Team17 and developer Wonderscope Games today confirmed plans for a release on consoles, including Switch. Those on Nintendo’s system can pick it up starting September 27, 2022.

The sim game started out on early access and has received new content as well as additional gameplay mechanics via patches. These include the Farming Update, which added a new area to the game and gave players the opportunity to flex their green fingers, the Village Chic Update, which introduced over 250 new hats, masks, glasses, and other accessories, the Super Shopper Update, which allows players to visit a new city center location, the Narrative Update, which overhauled the introduction of the game, and introduced four new friendly villagers to Hokko Life, and the Mayor Merits Update, allowing players to complete activities in game in exchange for ‘mayor merits’ that unlock perks designed to make things a little easier.

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