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Monolith Soft talks about Xenoblade 3’s City and fate of the Citizens

Posted on April 20, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Xenoblade 3 City Citizens Ghondor Monica

The recently-released Japanese art book for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and one part of the interview section talks about the City and what happens to the Citizens after the ending.

Executive director and writer Tetsuya Takahashi addressed the topic, which was brought on by a fan survey. There was interest surrounding the end of the game and what happens to the Citizens.

We’d recommend reading Takahashi’s words unless you’ve completed Xenoblade Chronicles 3 yourself, but we’ve translated his comments below. He clarifies the fates of certain characters, talks about the decision Noah makes, and more.

“After that, it was time to part ways. It was then that the people from the worlds of Bionis and Alrest were separated to Keves and Agnus respectively. And in another corner were the people of City, and these three groups were the building blocks. There were quite a lot of comments in the survey asking about the fate of the Citizens; to answer that, and I think you can learn this from information in the story, but the Citizens were lives that didn’t exist in either of the two worlds. Even though Origin was like a memory module that contained all the data from both worlds, things that didn’t belong there came to exist anyway. That’s a hint that when the two worlds combine, these people are destined to be born in the future. That’s how it was conceptualized. That means, well, eventually Ghondor or Monica would be born in the new world.

On Noah’s part, he had a lot to say about them, the Citizens. Like how the world was fine the way it was, or that he wanted it to stay like that. Afterwards, while he understands their plight, he fights hoping for a future where, instead of being under the circumstances of this current twisted world, they can be born in the world’s proper form. He made that decision in the end. Yes. While everyone in the present had their own thoughts, they would all be forgotten for a time… Or rather, they were born anew, and be able to live their lives properly. Shania could aim to become a painter. Her father and sister would be alive. That mother of hers must have been a nice person without the pressure of ‘family’ … In the end, Noah carried these feelings, or rather determination, and united the worlds, is how I see it.”

We’ve translated other comments from the art book as well. You can read about some lore here and the villains here. Also, you can import the art book here – there’s a re-run happening next month.

Translation provided by SatsumaFS and Simon Griffin on behalf of Nintendo Everything.

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