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A few details about Fire Emblem Warriors’ DLC

Posted on October 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, News, Switch

At the Tokyo Game Show last month, it was announced that Fire Emblem Warriors will have DLC. Players can purchase a season pass (or individually) when the game comes out for three different waves of content.

Today’s North American launch trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors gives us a better idea as to what we can expect from the DLC. Koei Tecmo is planning three new playable characters, three new History scenarios, new weapons and costumes, and new support conversations for each pack.

The first Fire Emblem Warriors DLC pack, featuring Fire Emblem Fates, drops in December. The Shadow Dragon pack will be up next in February, followed by Fire Emblem Awakening in March.

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  • Someguywithakeyboard

    Watch the 3 new playable characters be Owain, Navarre and Oboro

  • Daniel Lim贸n

    Haven’t read about the pricing, is there any info about that?

    • Princess_Eevee9

      It’s confirmed 20$.

    • Hache2eau

      19,99$ Season pass (3 DLC + 1 free costume for Lucina) or 8,99$ each.

      • Daniel Lim贸n

        Thanks! It’s not a bad price at all 馃檪

  • Vigilante_blade

    If it ain’t a game other thab Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates… Not. Interested. I will not support their continuous focus on the same games every single time.

    • Jonathan Cromwell

      What do you mean every time?

      • Fandangle

        I can take a shot in the dark and say that they’ve been pushing awakening and fates far too much lately. When heroes first launched it was pretty much exclusively awakening and fates characters and then #FE focused on 1/11 and 13. Now this where they focus on 13 and 14 and then 1/11 seems like a complete afterthought.

        There’s also the rumor that there’s an exec who is pushing her OCs as much as possible while actively trying to downplay everything she didn’t work on.

        • Skasaha

          When Heroes launches it was split fairly evenly between Mystery, Elibe, Awakening and Fates. Every single new non-event banner since has included exactly zero new Awakening and Fates units.

          • “non-event”
            Nice caveat. FOURTEEN spring/summer/bridal characters apparently don’t count at all.

          • Skasaha

            I said new characters, which was the stronger caveat. There’s only two of those.

          • Fandangle

            Except it wasnt. It took a while for 6/7 to even come close to awakening fates or shadow dragon. And it’s also hilarious that shadow dragon gets so much attention despite being one of the worst. 3/12 is much better marth games. Tellius despite being the best post kaga game do far barely has any yet.

            13/14 had a ton of characters and they’ve been pushing them a lot as well. They drug their feet in adding in Ike after the poll.

          • Skasaha

            Your opinion on the quality of the games is pretty irrelevant, on multiple levels.

          • Fandangle

            You’re right I was taking a shot in the dark on someone else’s opinion. I don’t see why you’d bring that up since you were essentially doing the same thing.

      • Vigilante_blade

        Heroes: Fates and Awakening get most special event costumes. Heck, there are 4 variants of Lucina even.

        Tokyo Mirage Sessions: SD and Awakening.

        Monster Hunter: SD and Awakening.

        Project X Zone 2: Awakening

        Smash: Twice as many Awakening.

        Warriors: SD, Awakening, Fates.

        Amiibo: Chrom and Tiki get their own amiibo despite not being in Smash.

        Fates: Awakening DLC.

  • Amethyst Gaze

    I need Azura

    • Skasaha

      One of the interviews at TGS essentially confirmed Azura for the Fates pack.

      • Hazel

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  • Princess_Eevee9

    Unlike some people, I’m freaking excited about these DLCs! Of course the first DLC Packs are gonna be what the majority of the game already was but that doesn’t mean that’s it. Fully expect all Fire Emblem games to have representatives.

  • Fandangle

    This whole game is a trainwreck. I can’t wait for it to crash and burn in america like it did in japan

    • zelgadis greywords

      the game didnt crash in japan, only sold what a musou game tend to sell, a little less but with legs

      • Fandangle

        It did crash. They were clearly expecting another hyrule warriors out of this and they did say it was probably their biggest game like this. Selling under the usual amount than the average generic spinoff of a Musou game doesn’t mean it was a success. It’s clearly a flop unless you sugar coat it. The fact is it sold significantly less on switch than hyrule warriors did on the fluffin wii u and then hyrule warriors legend sold nearly 5 times as much launch week than the 3ds version of this. And this is on top of them saying it was a very big musou games.

        How bad does it have to be for a wii u game to outsell it?

        • Skasaha

          I hope your reasoning that a Wii U game outsold it is bad isn’t related to the Wii U not selling many consoles, because the Switch is still around a third of its total sales.

          Second, Hyrule Warriors sold around the same amount as FEW in Japan. It was overseas where the Zelda brand and lack of musou exhaustion led to incredible sales.

          Further, your 3DS version comparison is poor. FEW 3DS released at the same time as the Switch version, whereas the 3DS version of HW was an improved game that included exclusive content that would never be added to the original.

          • Fandangle

            Except it didnt. It sold nearly 20k less than HW did around 70k less if you combine both the switch and 3ds games for FEW and the wii u and 3ds games for HW.

            it sold under the average for warriors games and it has. Much colder fan reception than its been getting here.

          • Skasaha

            Read my last paragraph again. As the 3DS version is an improved version with exclusive features, it’s sales are irrelevant to launch. The two versions of FEW split the sales.

            I’d like to know what you think is average too.

          • bro no one’s reading your posts again
            warriors games are crappy
            they need to put out f-zero warriors
            picross warriors
            madden 2018 warriors

          • Fandangle

            The two versions of FEW cost the same to make as the two versions of HW. The 3ds can’t run switch games and the hardware difference is significant so it wouldn’t be an easy port. Sakurai compared it to developing a completely new game and it would require completely new assets and require them to adjust their 3ds game engine on top of developing a new one for switch.

            HWL’s content isn’t that significant either and yet it sold almost 4 times the amount FEW’s 3ds version did and despite it being a rerelease it also sold more than FEW did.

            This is going off first week sales alone. It’s all downhill from here.

          • awesomeparadise3

            Where’s your proof for your first sentence? The Wii U was infamously difficult to develop for and KT is “only” putting in the effort to optimize FEW for the New 3DS and not the original. If anything, it would be easier and cost less. And the install base for Wii U and 3DS is far, far bigger than Switch and New 3DS. And Legends was a rerelease, but one with exclusive content (story and Adventure Maps). People have a reason to buy it again as opposed to FEW on 2 systems.

          • Fandangle

            The 3ds and the wiiu are completely different. It’s virtually impossible to directly port anything to it. You can’t directly port models because the polygon count in the switch is way too high and you’d essentially need to remake the whole thing from scratch. The texture work is the only thing that’s salvageable and even then you’d need to edit it greatly because simply downsizing it wouldn’t be enough. They’re on completely different hardware and completely different architecture. They also run on completely different engines. While the switch version works on their default engine that they simply port to everything the 3ds game runs on the samurai warriors engine that HWL runs on. If this was the switch and wiiu it’d be one thing but the 3ds is not only older but also hugely different on a power level.

            It’ll have longer legs and likely sell longer than Hyrule Warriors.

        • 銆孉ndrew West銆

          Even the official Twitter page for the game called it a success and KT said it succeeded in the latest business report by them.

          • Fandangle

            Because businesses totally don’t fudge reports all the time.

            It sold significantly less than either version of HW. It sold below average for a warriors game.

  • Pepperkeet

    Tharja or nothing

  • R.Z.

    So, wait, does that mean there are only three new characters total for the whole season pass (ridiculous compared to HW) or is that three new characters per DLC ?

    • Supporter

      Three characters per pack I believe. Three characters overall would be really lackluster, especially for $20.

  • JasonBall

    Why does no one complain BotW doesn’t get dlc based on the handheld games, except for Phantom? Other than that its all TLoZ, OoT, MM, WW, TP, and SS. No LA, OoX, MC or LBW at all.

    • Hidden Flare

      Uhh this is a warriors game so it is rather different. But I think its because these are early handheld games, minus the last one. Its also possible to include but there needs to be a demand and uhh other games of the series has a lot more fans compared to those…

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