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Atlus working on new Etrian Odyssey, teased as last entry using a bottom screen on 3DS

Posted on September 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Between new games and remakes, Atlus has cranked out a bunch of Etrian Odyssey games for 3DS. Another entry in the series is in development, and it sounds like it will be the last one for Nintendo’s dedicated portable.

Referring to what fans want to see from Etrian Odyssey, series director Shigeo Komori told Famitsu in a new interview:

In order to meet the expectations of these fans, I would like to deliver a “festival”-like game that can be said to be another culmination [of the series]. That’s the feeling I have, and I am currently developing a new game.

Komori went on to tease towards the very end of the interview:

This is the last game in the series that will have a map to be drawn on the bottom screen on the Nintendo 3DS. For specifics, I hope that you can wait until the day when we can officially announce it.


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  • So other than Persona Q2, they have something else coming out with classic EO gameplay.

    • Nope. I believe Atlus last 3DS games are
      Radiant Historia
      Etrian Odyssey V
      SMT: Stranger Journey Redux
      Etrian Odyssey Mystery Dungeon 2
      Persona Q 2
      Etrian Odyssey III Untold

      after that full Switch support.

      • I was just talking about the EO team.

        • Yes. That last one will be III Untold so no more after that. Atlus is moving on so you won’t see anymore classic EO gameplay that what I am talking about. If Atlus is moving on then EO will move on.

          • Well I guess my collection will be complete when that game comes out ill be happy that’s for sure with EO 5, Etrian mystery dungeon 2 and all other games. Also you forgot one thing there is the other SMT game that was announced along side the switch one.

          • Yeah that was Strange Journey Redux. Remake of Strange Journey R on DS.

          • no it was not.

          • Auragar

            Yes it was.

          • I guess :/

        • Auragar

          Technically there is no specific Etrian Odyssey team in the strictest sense the Etrian Odyssey team is just the main 1st Production team who does basically everything that isn’t Persona or recently Project Re: Fantasy.

      • BabyMagnum

        Full? You mean full from handhelds right?

        • Auragar

          Well Switch isn’t a handheld, but I think what he means is just that on the Nintendo side it will be full Switch support, because the Sony side will still be getting stuff on the PS4.

          • BabyMagnum

            I’m waiting for Otaku to clarify.

    • Auragar

      Yes that is what it seems like, yes.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    So was this just a casual confirmation of a future Nintendo Switch title? Oh boy is this Etrian Odyssey 3 remake?

    • Carlos

      I hope it’s EO3. I would love to have all the games available on one platform.

      • It will be since it’s already in development already.

        • Carlos

          I don’t remember hearing them say that.

          • I mean think about it. If the game is already in development this quick it has to be Untold III otherwise Etrian Odyssey VI would be years away.

          • R.Z.

            I don’t get the logic behind that.
            Before Atlus started doing the Untold remakes main episodes were developped one after the other, there’s no reason why it couldn’t happen again.

          • yes but they don’t get release on a yearly schedule because they have to do planning, create a new system and more.

            They already have the base game for III all they have to do is just add the story mode.

            It’s the same thing as Pokemon. 3-4 years before the next installment and in between are remakes or third/sequel/alternate version.

          • Carlos

            Yeah but what about it being “festival-like”, and a “culmination of the series”? That doesn’t have anything to do with EO3 as far as I know.

    • Auragar

      Would be nice but for now we cannot be sure and maybe not Switch but it does seem like the most likely candidate for the series going forward yes.


    Mmm… Its about time and I am looking forward to seeing it in full hd.

  • BravoBDD

    It was a matter of time for this to happen. Probably EOlllU, but could also be EO6 (Very unlikely).
    The franchise could continue to exist in Switch… on the one hand I would be happy, but on the other I would be sad… The game would improve in graphics and probably would have a better quality than its portable versions. But this would cause them to delay in creating the game, signifying that the games would not come out as regularly as their portable counterparts.
    In addition to having to adapt EO to a single screen, we will see that they will do with the creation of maps that is something characteristic of the series EO.

  • Auragar

    The fact that this is teasing that future games will be made just without the second screen mapping feature is just as big as the fact that a new game is being made. I didn’t think that would happen because the mapping is essential to the game but eh you do you I guess. I would wonder but doubt that this might just be referencing Persona Q 2, but that was already announced separately and even though Persona Q 2 is technically just an Etrian Odyssey game with Persona skin they don’t really refer to it as that themselves so eh.

  • Aline Piroutek

    The dual screen gameplay must come back.
    How much joy and happiness has been brought to people with this kind of gameplay? Mine for sure.
    Downsides of the evolution.

    • Auragar

      It can’t really come back if there is no hardware out there to support it anymore.

  • R.Z.

    Atlus is going to be the life support of the 3DS until the console draws its last breath.
    Personally I would like them to move on to Switch a bit faster, but that market is still out there !

    As for the last dual screen EO title I wonder what it will be.
    I have a notion of EO episodes working as trilogies, but I have no idea where I got that from.
    I never actually played a lot of EO III so I wouldn’t mind getting the chance to replay that as an “Untold” version. On the other hand that is certainly way less appealing than a new episode and not very “festival-like”.

    Finally I wonder what the series will become in the future.
    I sure hope the map drawing feature won’t get discarded.
    I could see map drawing still kind of working on the Switch touch screen in handheld mode (though I would hate to play that without a stylus), but in docked mode that would require some gyro pointer magic.
    Maybe it could become another handheld-only game ?
    Not that EO is ugly, but the graphices were never the focus of the series and I’m not sure it has much to gain from getting displayed on an big HD screen.