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Shigeo Komori

Etrian Odyssey X boxart

Recently, Famitsu had its first coverage on Etrian Odyssey X. The magazine’s feature included an interview with director Shigeo Komori. During the discussion, Komori weighed in on the game’s inception, including a world map, and the new “Hero” class.

You can find resposnes to these comments below. RPG Site has the full interview here.

Between new games and remakes, Atlus has cranked out a bunch of Etrian Odyssey games for 3DS. Another entry in the series is in development, and it sounds like it will be the last one for Nintendo’s dedicated portable.

Referring to what fans want to see from Etrian Odyssey, series director Shigeo Komori told Famitsu in a new interview:

In order to meet the expectations of these fans, I would like to deliver a “festival”-like game that can be said to be another culmination [of the series]. That’s the feeling I have, and I am currently developing a new game.

Komori went on to tease towards the very end of the interview:

This is the last game in the series that will have a map to be drawn on the bottom screen on the Nintendo 3DS. For specifics, I hope that you can wait until the day when we can officially announce it.


Famitsu recently published an interview with Etrian Odyssey Untold II: The Knight of Fafnir producer and director Shigeo Komori.

First, here’s what Komori said about changes from the previous game:

“Our thought was to make an Etrian Odyssey game that focuses on the characters and story that many people can enjoy, and that development concept principle has not changed. Also, the subtitle of the game, ‘The Knight of Fafnir’ is about the protagonist.”

“Last time it was the subtitle of ‘The Millennium Girl,’ which revolved around the heroine’s story. However, this time it will be about the player’s role as the protagonist, and how his friends overcome obstacles in the fantasy RPG you’ll get to enjoy.”

Komori also shared the following details:

– “Fafnir” is the name of the protagonist’s power that allows him to transform
– Komori states that it will completely transform his appearance while giving him a big boost in stats
– It also brings about a variety of different skills he can use
– Using this transformation ability can easily change the tides in battle
– It’ll also have its limits
– The heroine Arianna is of the “Princess” class
– The game’s character designer Yuji Himukai put quite the effort into her design
– Himukai included roughly 20 different expressions for all the other characters
– Arianna will have over 50 different expressions in the game
– There will also be animated scenes and voice acting like Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl
– There’s about twice the volume of voice-acting
– New still-frame event styles
– Supports up to 8 save slots


Atlus released Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl – a remake of the first Etrian Odyssey – in 2013. Now a remake of the series’ second entry, titled Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Knight of the Fafnir, is coming to Japan later this year.

What led Atlus to revisit Etrian Odyssey’s second entry? Atlus’ Shigeo Komori explained to Famitsu:

The previous installment, The Millennium Girl, was a new attempt in the Etrian Odyssey series. It made me nervous as to whether it would receive everyone’s acceptance, but thankfully we got impressions like “It was fun!” from many who played it, so that made me very happy. Also, because we have heard thankful voices like “While I’m waiting for the next numbered title, I’d also like to have the new Etrian Odyssey Untold series continue!”, that has given us the push to make the second.


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