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Etrian Odyssey

Back in December, Atlus announced that they would be announcing the next Etrian Odyssey game for 3DS this Spring. We now have a concrete date – the game will be announced during a livestream next week, on April 10th at 12 PM JST. The Youtube link for the stream is below:


Atlus hosted a live talk show event for Etrian Odyssey’s 10th anniversary last week. A few vague details were shared about the project, including that it will not be Etrian Odyssey 3 Untold and surprising content will be included.

Some additional tidbits have now surfaced. We have the following information from the talk show:

Back in September, Atlus teased a new Etrian Odyssey game for 3DS. It was labeled as a “festival”-like title that would be a culmination of the series. The project was also described as the series’ last game in which you draw a map on the bottom screen of the 3DS.

The new Etrian Odyssey was further teased during a live stream event earlier today. Series director Shigeo Komori said that it will will not be Etrian Odyssey 3 Untold, will have more mapping than players will be able to handle, and unexpected content. Komori also again mentioned that it will be a new culmination of the series.

Atlus will be announcing the new Etrian Odyssey entry for 3DS in Spring 2018.

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Between new games and remakes, Atlus has cranked out a bunch of Etrian Odyssey games for 3DS. Another entry in the series is in development, and it sounds like it will be the last one for Nintendo’s dedicated portable.

Referring to what fans want to see from Etrian Odyssey, series director Shigeo Komori told Famitsu in a new interview:

In order to meet the expectations of these fans, I would like to deliver a “festival”-like game that can be said to be another culmination [of the series]. That’s the feeling I have, and I am currently developing a new game.

Komori went on to tease towards the very end of the interview:

This is the last game in the series that will have a map to be drawn on the bottom screen on the Nintendo 3DS. For specifics, I hope that you can wait until the day when we can officially announce it.


Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 will be packaged with a special bonus soundtrack when it’ll be released in Japan on August 31st. The “User’s Best Album” features a variety of tracks from all of the main Etrian Odyssey games on two discs. Atlus released a sample video that lets you listen to some of the tracks on the album. Check it out:


Next Saturday, Atlus will be hosting a 10th anniversary live stream for Etrian Odyssey. It will be shown on both FRESH! and Niconico. The pre-show is taking place at 3 AM PT / 6 AM ET / 11 AM in the UK / 12 PM in Europe, with the main event happening a half hour later.

Here’s what’s planned for the live stream:

  • ???: An event shrouded in mystery. Hint: It involves a special guest.
  • Series music popular vote result announcement: The results from the poll (which ended on April 9th) for the most popular Etrian Odyssey music will be announced. This music will be included in Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2‘s limited edition, with the 2-disc “Etrian Odyssey User’s Best Album (provisional name).”
  • Etrian Odyssey Maniac Quiz (Provisional): A quiz that the audience will participate in. Fans will have to use all of their knowledge as a skilled adventurer to answer in this event. Great awards will be presented as the number of correct answers increases.
  • Series class popular vote result announcement: The results of the popular class vote online will be announced. Comments from fans about their picks will also be shared.
  • Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 latest information: A new trailer for Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 will be released. Additionally, there will be a live gameplay demonstration.
  • More

During the Etrian Odyssey pre-show, songs for the complete 2-disc soundtrack of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology included with the limited edition will debut. 


Today marks the 10th anniversary of videogame series Etrian Odyssey. The game was first released in Japan for the DS system on January 18 2007.

Now, in order to celebrate this anniversary, series character designer Yuji Himukai has shared the illustration that you can see above on Twitter.

These series of videogames have been a must have on both DS and 3DS. We are still waiting for a localization of the last one, Etrian Odyssey V, which hasn’t released outside of Japan.

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Atlus recently updated the Japanese website for the upcoming Etrian Mystery Dungeon, showing off a couple of returning classes from the Etrian Odyssey games. So far these include looks at the Gunner, Dancer and Hexer classes. Check out some snazzy artwork and 3D models below.


Famitsu have revealed a few new details on the upcoming crossover dungeon crawler, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, including the game’s boxart. The game will feature a new character class, the Wanderer (Fuurai), which looks an awful lot like a certain veteran Mystery Dungeon explorer. A pair of new NPC characters were also revealed; One of them handles the usual “Adventurer’s Guild” for creating characters and arranging parties while the other dapper fellow offers missions. Famitsu also teased the massive D.O.E. enemies that will appear during dungeon dives, which will presumably act like Etrian Odyssey’s traditional F.O.E. foes. We’ve included a bunch of the new art and screenshots in a gallery over the break.


As our celebration of the Nintendo DS’ 10th birthday draws to a close, the Nintendo Everything staff got together to discuss the games we thought defined the console for us. You’ve probably noticed all the DS-centric listicles we’ve been posting over the last few weeks, but these were all user-voted so we didn’t exactly have much control over the games that made the list. So with that in mind we’re adding in our opinions on everything from the best soundtracks to the most disappointing titles, including a few games that didn’t make the original lists.

Each of the staff members contributing has their own unique gaming tastes and just so you know exactly who to argue with in the comments section, the guys who you’ll be hearing from in this article are:

Name: Brian
Site Role: The Leader of the Bunch, You Know Him Well

Name: Patrick
Site Role: Famicolumnist, Bought Too Many DS Games

Name: Austin
Site Role: Buster of Eggs, Veteran of the Review Crew

Name: Kirara
Site Role: The Radiant Reporter, Amiibo Aficionado

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