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Concept art of Marth and Anna in Fire Emblem Warriors

Posted on August 11, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in Images, New Nintendo 3DS, Switch

The “Treasure Box” edition of Fire Emblem Warriors in Japan comes with an 80-page art book which contains, among other things, concept art of the characters. The Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter account shared two such pieces today – Marth and Anna. Incidentally, this our first proper look at Anna in Fire Emblem Warriors. So far, we know she’s in the game as a sort of navigator and guide – but it’d be a shame if she wasn’t playable with a great outfit like this.


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  • FE logic: boys stand like humans do but girls point their toes together and this is normal

    • Fusion

      Anime logic in general.

  • Supporter

    That Anna art looks great so it would definitely be cool if she’s a playable character.

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