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Dragon Ball FighterZ dev says no Switch version isn’t due to a lack of power, open to porting if fans show interest

Posted on June 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Bandai Namco is bringing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to Switch a few months from now. But at E3, the company announced the 2D fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ which is currently not planned for the system. Depending on fan interest, that could change.

French site Game Blog spoke with Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki. Despite what some may say, the game not being on Switch isn’t a matter of the system’s technical specs or lack of power. Hiroki added that there hasn’t been any trouble porting over Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

It isn’t clear why Bandai Namco and developer Arc System Works skipped on Switch for Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, Hiroki did say that if fans show their interest, they could bring it over. Hiroki did caution that Dragon Ball FighterZ may not come to Switch the same time as other versions, but they’re open to considering it.

Thanks to Matthew M for the tip.


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  • Nintendo South Wales

    Nintendo fans always have to show interest first whereas every other system it’s no questions asked. Ugh, it gets so bloody tiring having to beg for everything. Sometimes it isn’t even about sales. Monster Hunter sells boat loads on Nintendo platforms and then Capcom loses their minds and snubs Switch. I give up.

    • Exy

      What gets me is that they can’t do it at the same time as the other platforms when it runs on Unreal Engine 4. At a time when the Switch really needs fighting games and will have at least one proper arcade stick available for it well before it’s released on other platforms, they consistently treat Nintendo owners as less deserving customers. The only real fighting game available for it that isn’t an emulation is Ultra Street Fighter II, and this would be a perfect opportunity to fulfill the desires of fighting game fans not satisfied by it.

      • ZackaryZac
      • Felipe M.

        Ultra Street Fighter 2 is overpriced and yeah, it’s a real fighting game but bleh.

        • Elite

          $40 for a super nintendo game basically

      • Ricky J Hamilton

        The switch isn’t hurting for fighting games .. it is probably the most well represented genre when you take into account all of the snk games.

        • Exy

          And many of those games are good. But none of them are brand new or have much opportunity to grow a community of new players.

        • Snackster1001

          Plus pokken coming soon. It’s just a shame, the switch is the perfect console for fighting games for its portability and LAN party potential. All it really needs is fighting stick companies on board.

        • lol

      • Elite

        well maybe if Nintendo stopped putting out gimmick under powered consoles they would not be having this problem

    • jimmy

      remember to what happened to GG? was a pole with thousand of signatures but still no game

      • Exy

        Remember when they actually put Accent Core and Accent Core Plus on Wii for some reason?

        • jimmy

          Who’s talking about those games, when GG sign was first released they had an actual pole which eas suppose to determine whether or not it would be released on the wiiu, though had tons of votes nothing came of it

          • Exy

            It was likely not feasible anyway since that game used a heavily modified Unreal Engine 3, and Wii U didn’t support it natively in its original form. This game uses Unreal Engine 4, which Switch explicitly supports and the developers acknowledge, and somehow it still isn’t enough for them.

          • Izaal Daar

            WiiU suported UE3 perfectly, the one that wasn’t adapted was UE4

          • Jefferson Boldrin Cardozo

            This game probably had its development started almost an year ago, so their budget and time frame weren’t planned to include a Switch version.

            Indie studios usually have more freedom to make decisions, but studios that answer to a publisher usually have a tight time frame and well defined budget for projects

    • Mohammad Yasin

      as long as we get it we will beg who cares its extremely rewarding

    • Tlink7

      MH sells boatloads in Japan, where it is coming out 😛

    • Jaxon Holden

      Coming off the back of Wii U, can you blame them? Companies lost a lot of money jumping in with that system, and we see them being more cautious this time around.

      You want 3rd parties to invest, then you need to invest in 3rd parties. You want them to invest in Switch with DBZ? Then invest with them by purchasing Dragonball Xenoverse 2 when it comes. Anyone who is not willing to invest in third parties has no right to demand third parties invest in them.

      As for Monster Hunter, the game started development in 2013. When Wii U was tanking after launch. Switch didn’t release until 4 YEARS after development started, and has an install base of 4-5m right now. Obviously the game isn’t going to be on Switch. BUT, they went out of their way to ensure there is a MH game coming to Switch, despite only being 3 months into its lifespan. I’d say that’s a show of good faith. And a new game will follow. They’re not gonna throw away their portable market.

      We’re gonna see a lot more 3rd party games this time next year. 5m sold isn’t too enticing, but if Switch is sitting at 15-18m next e3, devs will take notice. And a lot of stuff is in the pipeline but just hasn’t been shown yet (Dragon Quest, Tales games, likely Dark Souls Trilogy, Project Octopath Traveller, Final Fantast XIV, the inevitable Monster Hunter Portable entry, etc). For now, show your support and invest in the games they bring, and they’ll invest and bring us more games. Money talks, more than anything

      • By buying Dragonball Xenoverse 2 I will show that I like the Xenoverse games… but I dont! I love Dragon Ball and 2D Fighting games, but didnt like Xenoverse. Why would I want this?

        • spyro20


    • zid

      Pretty sure it’s because to deal with Nintendo developers have to give them a ton of control and make sacrifices in regards to rating/content, etc. Of course they’re not going to want to deal with them unless there’s a big incentive.

      That and oh yeah, the Wii U tanked hard so devs are gonna be cautious.

  • Tlozbj

    Bandai Namco will probably use Xenoverse 2 to see if the interest for Dragon Ball is there. IF, that is the reason for it supposly not coming to Switch at the moment, and it isn’t a case of them maintaining it unannounced so that it doesn’t affect Xenoverse 2 sales

    • Felipe M.

      Xenoverse 2 sales are already going to be affected due to FighterZ as that’s what gamers want. I planned on getting Xenoverse 2 for the Switch but after seeing FighterZ? Nope.

      • MusubiKazesaru

        They’re two different games, why let one affect the other especially when one is entirely different from another?

        • Felipe M.

          They’re still both Dragon Ball games and FighterZ is the better one of the two. Much, much better.

          • MusubiKazesaru

            It’s not out yet and there’s no reason you can’t get two if you wanted one to begin with especially since there’s no confirmation it’ll be on Switch.

  • Stuart

    I’m a fan and I’m interested. Port it. Now.

  • Don HotDoor

    PORT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vigilante_blade

    What the hell? Why do we have to keep begging for ports? Just shut up and give us the games.

    • Lindsey Stewart

      However the 3rd party want to know if there is demand so they did this unto themselves

    • Tlink7

      The Wii U sold like absolute crap and companies don’t run on happiness. If devs aren’t sure a game will sell well enough to make it worth the cost of porting, they won’t bring the game over. Nintendo damaged their rep and it will apparently take a few more months of good sales to fix this

    • Khaaaaan!!!

      Maybe Nintendo should buy exclusives games from Campom and port it.

      • Vigilante_blade

        Definitely. Nintendo must become aggressive.

      • Sno

        Campom no sell unless wampum good

    • CrossRaven

      It’s because when the Wii was selling 100 million systems, nobody was buying 3rd party games. It should tell you EVERYTHING that Nintendo was selling consoles like crazy and yet 3rd parties went with MS and Sony instead. Nintendo lined their own pockets and did nothing to help anyone else and so this is what you get. You want the games, you gotta show you’ll buy them. Good luck.

      • Vigilante_blade

        To be fair, most of it was shovelware.

      • Carlos

        With a user base that big, if you can’t sell at least 1 million than that says more about the game than Nintendo or the people buying the games.

        • andyva

          Xenoblade, The Last Story and Red Steel 2 all sold below 1 million, while each Just Dance sold multiple millions. Are you saying that Just Dance is better than these games?

          • Carlos

            Fair point. But it also depends on the audience. Those games weren’t typically what the Wii crowd would go for.

        • Barricade

          But then you see those games sell millions and millions of copies more on the other consoles. So no, it’s not necessarily the game.

          • Carlos

            It depends on the game. I’m pretty sure Rayman sold more on Nintendo then it did on the other platforms.

          • Barricade

            Yup, depends on the game. So that brings us to developers asking if there’s demand for their title before porting it. Ofcourse they should’ve seen Dragonball Fighter Z successful announcement coming.

            Also a very bold claim to say Rayman sold more on Nintendo. Unless you factor in the Raving Rabbids ofcourse. Otherwise I’m not sure, but it’s possible.

  • awng781

    I think Bandai Namco will announce a (potential) Switch port of DBFZ after Xenoverse 2 is released. Announcing DBFZ for Switch now might seriously hurt Xenoverse 2’s potential.

    • Vigilante_blade

      It should be released at the same time as the other versions. They are sending games to die when they release them late.

      • GoldenTriforce

        I mean Z is releasing next year and Xenoverse 2 is this fall so they could still be planning a release alongside other versions.

      • awng781

        It should, but who knows…?

    • Felipe M.

      Well, Xenoverse 2 on Switch is already going to be affected due to FighterZ being overhyped for good reasons.

      • awng781

        But confirming DBFZ for Switch would actually kill off Xenoverse 2’s momentum.

        • Felipe M.

          It sorta did already. Not a whole lot are going to bother buying Xenoverse 2 for the Switch knowing that the proper Dragon Ball game might be on the way.

          Xenoverse is like a more polished version of Tenkaichi but meh.

  • Sama Saja Imran Amrin

    I’ll trust many developer bring AAA game for switch this years, i mean, they’re just still waiting time for port it.

  • Douglas Siano

    We had to beg for that Broken Age port for Wii U according to Double Fine (we never got it, although point-and-click adventures work wonderfully with the GamePad).

  • Don Zaloog

    Bring it over, Namco. I want it.

  • TheJuiciest

    OK, where’s the petition at.

  • KnightWonder

    I’m getting real sick and tired of all these devs telling us they’ll only port if we show interest. So they want us to act like dogs begging for a bone? So insulting. It’s clear the Switch can handle it. Just port it over and watch the money come in. We’d have a lot more respect for you that way, and you’d actually stand a chance of earning a profit from us.

    • Vigilante_blade

      A big problem with third parties is that they get it backwards. If youw ant to build a fanbas eon a system, you stick with them, and you respect them. Bayonetta 2 did fairly well, and Nintendo console owners don’t typically play such games. That is because Platinum made the extra mile to make a quality product and demonstrate their commitement.

      Heck, Hyrule Warriors did fantastic here because Koei Techmo made a game from the ground up for Nintendo consoles. People have since grown to appreciate Warriors games which they used to falsely claim were brainless beat them ups.

      Monster Hunter even benefited from a growing userbase on Nintendo consoles, breaking sales reccords.

      All you need to do to break into the Nintendo market is to do what you do with everyone: Make a good game, put it on the system, and don’t make us second class citizen.

      There is no reason a at all that this game could not run on Switch. Not to mention that DragonBall is very beloved by many people in the Nintendo fanbase, if I base my judgement on the hacking community which had managed to spawn an untold amount of Goku textures for Smash. This game would do well, ther eis no doubt in my mind.

      I personally find Namco’s behaviour low right now.

      • Felipe M.

        I really enjoyed Hyrule Warriors but wouldn’t pick up any other Dynasty Warriors-like game unless Saint Seiya (PS3). It’s just not something I’m hugely interested on.

      • KnightWonder

        And I bet if Bayonetta 3 does come out for the Switch, whether it be an exclusive or not, it’ll still sell a lot. Why? Because Platinum has been nothing but kind to Nintendo fans. Even with their Star Fox game, you could tell they put a lot of work into it and wanted to make something great.

        Now ;let’s take a look at Bioware who, at the launch of the WiiU, decided against putting the Mass Effect Trilogy on the system, and instead made a pretty pathetic port, with comics replacing the previous two games. What does that tell us? It says that they’re not willing to go beyond the average for us.

        Even Bethesda put more effort into their port of Skyrim for the Switch. Not only to the graphics look better, but there’s exclusive content. And guess what, I’ve seen a lot of Switch owners say they’re going to buy it. It may be a 6 year old game, but it’s not halfa*sed.

        I wish more developers would realize this, but they still don’t seem to get the message. In fact, I may make a video talking about this. Maybe then, if it grabs some attention, some developers will see it and realize what they’re doing is only hurting their chances at making a profit.

        • Vigilante_blade

          I mena, the Star Fox game they made was absolutely horrendous. I’m surprised this even got through Quality Assurance. I do think that the blame lies far more with Miyamoto that with Platinum on this one though.

          I actually think Skyrim is heavily hald-assed. No mod support, motion controls and a Link costume is hardly sufficient for me.

          • KnightWonder

            But would you have rather be getting the same game from 6 years ago? Instead of the exclusive content and all three DLC packs?

          • Vigilante_blade

            Mods trump all of this. Any version that doesn’t have access to mods is vastly inferior.

    • Lindsey Stewart

      Some devs have an aversion to money from switch owners

    • Jaxon Holden

      The problem is fan pride. No you don’t have to beg like a dog, but you do need to show them there is demand because they are not going to bring a game that doesn’t sell.

      Why do Nintendo fans think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter despite every single third-party multiplat game on the Wii U tanking? You’ll be handed games on a silver platter when you’ve proven that you’ll buy them. This isn’t charity where they’re picking on Nintendo fans. This is business. You want games? Talk is cheap. Put up or shut up. Everybody complained about the lack of third-party games last generation but nobody bought the ones they brought. Then people wonder why third parties pull support.

      Not all of what you’re saying is necessarily wrong because there are a few third parties that could stand to show a little more effort. But by and large you have to understand that we are coming off the back of Wii U, a console where 9 out of 10 3rd party developers lost money bringing games. It’s only natural for them to be a little cautious. But if the system continues to sell games will come. Whether they KEEP coming is completely up to us. We can’t let pride stand in the way. People complain about DBZ… go buy Xenoverse 2 when it drops, and I guarantee we’ll get DBZ. Don’t buy it and I can pretty much guarantee you we won’t get it. And the argument of “it’s late” doesn’t hold much water when it’s the only portable version available in the world, and has twice the value of any other version because it’s both console and handheld.

      • GMB

        Notice how I’ll nuke your whole article in one paragraph; the vast majority of 3rd party multiplats also tanked on Xbone. for example, MGSVTPP sold 90% of its units on the ps4, meaning that the pc and xbone versions sold less than 10%. Hell, even the games that are associated with these 2 platforms also failed to sell. Quantum break and Sunset overdrive both flopped on the Xbone, and the witcher 3 sold more on the ps4 than pc by more than a million units. Yet these 2 platforms still get games “on a silver platter”.

        You’re absolutely delusional if you think this is about demand. this is purely because bandai wants to avoid a cannibalism situation where 2 dbz games release on the same time frame on the same platform cannibalize each other.

      • alex9234

        “Why do Nintendo fans think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter” – Because Nintendo fans are their original audience, and they’ve been buying 3rd party games for even longer than Sony and Microsoft’s audiences. All the way back to the NES and SNES. You know, the eras that EVERYONE likes to ignore when they say that 3rd party games don’t sell on Nintendo platforms? That also happens to be before Sony entered the market and started paying off developers. Coincidence?

        “This isn’t charity where they’re picking on Nintendo fans.” – Except it is. 3rd parties won’t support Nintendo platforms because Nintendo won’t pay them. 3rd parties even supported the Sega Saturn of all systems even though it was a commercial failure outside of Japan. Same with the Dreamcast even though it bombed and was getting it’s @ss kicked by the PS2.

        “This is business.” – Abandoning your core clientele to chase an audience that may not care for you is NOT business.

        “Everybody complained about the lack of third-party games last generation but nobody bought the ones they brought.” – Because they were gimped, lacking content, and often rushed out the door. Did you know that multiple 3rd parties had as few as TWO people working on their GameCube ports? That doesn’t say “gimped port” to you? Whereas PS2 ports to the original Xbox were patched up, or rebuilt from the ground up to work properly on the system. And 3rd parties wonder why their games don’t sell.

        ” But by and large you have to understand that we are coming off the back of Wii U, a console where 9 out of 10 3rd party developers lost money bringing games.” – Citation needed. And even if they did, could it be because their Wii U games were rushed out the door with bugs and missing content? If there’s any platform that causing developers to lose money, it’s Microsoft platforms. Especially Japanese developers. Every single Japanese 3rd party game that has come out on an Xbox platform has flopped.

        “But if the system continues to sell games will come.” – And when the Wii was trouncing it’s competition for YEARS? 3rd parties held tight to the dream of the HD twins making them money. Over 200 developers have closed down due to supporting the PS3 and 360. Today, Capcom is in trouble, Square Enix is in trouble, Sega is in trouble, Konami is on the brink of death, Hudson is gone. Now here’s something funny: Out of all the developers that have closed
        down last generation, do you know how many of them closed down because they supported a Nintendo platform? Hint: it’s less than one.

        ” It’s only natural for them to be a little cautious.” – If 3rd parties won’t release their games on the system then OF COURSE there won’t be a market for them! You can’t sell something if it doesn’t exist to begin with. They want us to buy late, broken, incomplete, and unsupported software at the same time that gamers do on other platforms where none of that is true. That won’t happen. The 3rd party market on the Wii U sucks because they wanted it to suck. It’s an afterthought to them because Nintendo won’t pay them for support. So what do we get? Late ports, broken ports, ports missing basic features for no reason, full priced ports (when the game can be found on other platforms for less), lack of patches, denial of any future support (DLC, Sequels, or future entries).

        It’s Sony and Microsoft that buys all of those things for their platforms so we’re left with the scraps. 3rd party games might actually sell BETTER on Nintendo platforms but we’ll never know because 3rd parties refuse to even try these days. The market is the way it is because Sony, Microsoft, and 3rd parties want it to be that way. Do you honestly think the market would have crashed last generation if 3rd parties supported the Wii the way they were expected to support the market leading system like they did with the NES, SNES, PS1 and PS2? Nope. Everyone would have bought the Wii and bought the big 3rd party games that were released there. Or do you actually believe that gamers are so entrenched in their existing platforms that they would refuse to buy a Wii even if it was the only place to get the latest and greatest of their favorite 3rd party franchises? 3rd parties wanted control of the games industry, and now they have it. You can’t blame Nintendo or their fans because 3rd parties refuse to actually treat them like they treat their customers on Sony and Microsoft platforms. They started this cycle, not us.

        We aren’t rejecting 3rd parties, 3rd parties are rejecting US.

  • Felipe M.

    Please Bandai, please port it to the Switch!

  • Roto Prime

    OMG lets make it happen Nintendo everything!!! We must band together!!!! A victory together!!!!

    • Felipe M.

      Exactly! Give us FighterZ and keep Xenoverse 2, Bandai. 🙂

      • Roto Prime

        Yes, I will love both!!!! Lets do it! How do we plan this?

  • Felipe M.

    If the reason had been because the Switch was underpowered then Mario Odyssey couldn’t run on it.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    Let this comment be a note of my interest.

    • Roto Prime


    • Felipe M.

      Already hashtagged Bandai on Twitter so I’ll leave it at that. Bandai is very active on Twitter.

    • Khaaaaan!!!

      Twitter hastag is enough for me.

  • theFooFighter

    I don’t really want xenoverse but I’d definitely buy this on the switch. It looks like a good fighter in general not just a good dragon Ball game

    • Felipe M.


      Xenoverse 1.5 er.. Xenoverse 2 is like an okay meal but FighterZ is a premium dish.

  • Rafael Bueno

    so we won’t get this awesome looking game or Guilty Gear Xrd and instead we get another 3D DBZ fighter and a Port from an existing Blazblue game… ugh

    • Felipe M.

      There’s a possibility it could come to the Switch and that’s why I won’t be buying Xenoverse 2 anymore. I have no interest anymore in XV2.

      • Jaxon Holden

        Well, if you don’t buy Xenoverse 2, I can pretty much guarantee you you will never see that game on Switch. The only “chance” it has to come is if Xenoverse 2 sells. So it’s a shame you’ve lost interest because now you won’t be playing either

    • theFooFighter

      Is it confirmed to be a port of an old game? I always assumed BlazBlue is going to be whatever the next one is

  • Guest

    I want little nightmares and fallout 4 on the Switch. Can everyone fangirl for these two titles please? lol

    • Indielink

      I would run into the woods naked and start punching a pack of wolves for Little Nightmares.

  • Mohammad Yasin
  • Fore

    In all honesty? I get it feeling degrading, and I’d not like to “beg” either, but we have to consider that the Switch comes in the wake of the burned ground and shattered relations that is Wii-U, that’s why I feel that faulting third-parties isn’t 100% fair, though that does not excuse Capcom’s behaviour. At least Namco is open and willing to hear us.

  • Vigilante_blade

    How to build a Nintendo fanbase for dummies:

    1. Release quality triple A software. Not side games. No weird experiments. Mainline entries.

    2. Release every game of a given franchise on a Nintendo system. There is no point in releasing the third entry in a franchise that they need to have played the two previous ones so that they can understand the narrative.

    3. Give us fully-featured games. We don’t want to buy a game that is lacking content like an online mode.

    4. Don’t release an exclusive only to make a deluxe version on a competitor’s platform down the line… like Viewtiful Joe and Tales of Symphonia.

    5. If multiplatform, release the Nintendo version at the same time as the other versions.

    6. Don’t support us for whole generations only to leave to another system. You are essentially using Nintendo systems to make fans and carry them over to other systems.

    7. Don’t make us beg for your games. Treat us with respect.

    Building fanbases takes time and dedication. Treat Nintendo fans right, and they will eventually reward you with a new fanbase.

    • ben

      9.is the worst.. I mean ps4 can have games totally flop but the dev will be back for another beating with a sequel….no question… It is a strange industry.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Honestly I feel this isn’t the devs fault at all. It’s Nintendo’s for making the Wii the way it was and continuing the failing Wii brand with Wii U. They shattered so much faith with their once on board third party developers. It really is a shame but I can’t 100% put blame on the third party devs.

    Also factor in that Nintendo console players will 9 times out of 10 buy a Nintendo game over a third party game and then scream later when other third party games don’t arrive on the console.

    • GoldenTriforce

      Because the ports are always either missing features, comes out after the other versions, or are just lazy ports. Gamecube games often missed functionalities and came out later than other versions with little to no marketing, Wii obviously had worse ports, it was basically just an overpowered Gamecube, and the Wii U launched with a bunch of lazy late ports, some of which were overpriced and missing content. If Third Parties put in the effort, launch alongside other versions, market, and don’t remove content, they will sell on Switch. Though yeah, I fully agree that Nintendo’s prior missteps with third parties is definitely off putting to them.

      • Jaxon Holden

        Ya but now games have dual hybrid functionality, so you’re getting two games for your money… that’s worth being late. Besides the only reason people want new games is because they like “feeling equal”, when in reality it’s much better to get ports because they’re only going to bring better games that have a higher statistical likelihood of selling as opposed to new games that might review well and might not.

        Most games coming to Switch are fully featured, even if coming late. But in most instances it’s the only handheld version that exists, and the fact that that’s a handheld version with an inherent console version included… there’s really no excuse for not buying these games anymore. Maybe there was in the past but not anymore.

        • GoldenTriforce

          I was more saying that is why Nintendo consumers, in the past, were less willing to purchase third party titles.

          But, as for the Switch I think it still stands. For me personally I will wait to buy a game to play it on the Switch so I can play it on the go, but if I don’t know that Switch version is coming, why would I wait? If tomorrow Square Enix announces a Switch version of FFXV, I wouldn’t get it, I already beat the game on my PS4. If they had announced that last year, I would have waited. Unless that game is coming out alongside other versions, companies are probably going to wait until the other versions are out to market or announce it, like how Square Enix still, after over a year and a half, hasn’t shown off the Switch version of DQ XI or given a release date. Also I think that a lot of sales come from hype and marketing. People aren’t talking about games 3 months down the line, they are normally on to the next game, so a game releasing 3 months late will have less interest than if it launched with the other versions. And some games like Fifa are missing features. I think for a very large number of people, portability is enough to get a game on Switch over other versions, but if a port is missing features, or was poorly done, a lot of people will probably not want to pick up a game, and if it is not marketed, it just won’t sell.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Let’s do it!

    Go out and buy Xenoverse 2.

  • Tlink7

    I really don’t care about DBZ, but all you fans: go beg xD
    Also to the people complaining about not getting all the support: the Wii U was a giant failure, Nintendo needs to prove the Switch will keep selling first

    • Lindsey Stewart

      The switch has outsold every console in the npd for practically 3 months

      • Khaaaaan!!!

        Same story of Wii U

        • Lindsey Stewart

          Its sales have already eclipsed the wii u.

          • Khaaaaan!!!

            Sure, yet third devs won’t jump ship because is Nintendo. Not a hater because I own Switch. just say’

        • amak11

          Actually Wii U dropped off at Month 4 sooo dont go there

        • KnickKnackMyWack

          No, Wii U sold out for two months and had a massive falloff and those two months were literally the holiday season. Switch’s situation is completely different and not at all comparable, given it launched in March.

          • yeah man keep telling yourself that when you can’t even get anime games

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            What are you talking about? Xenoverse 2 is due for Switch this year. Aside from Fighter Z what other anime games even are there?

      • Tlink7

        I know, but three months isn’t really enough to convince business people. If the console keeps selling like this for another half year, then we’ll see more third-party interest.

      • Corey Holcomb

        So? the switch has been out for barely four months while their counterparts have been on the market for almost four years now lol and it isnt outselling it very significantly either, looking just like the Wii U at this rate. Honestly some people here are outraged that they would have to ask for a port and think they are entitled to it when all Nintendo customers do is buy Nintendo first party titles.

    • Khaaaaan!!!

      Also why Nintendo don’t buy excluvies game from Capcom…

      • Tlink7

        I guess Nintendo doesn’t feel it is worth it

  • Reggie

    “Lack of power.” Someone finally says it after everyone else dances around the topic.

    • Tlink7

      Yeah it is nice to finally hear it from a dev. The Switch isn’t super stronk, but it does the job power-wise

  • Khaaaaan!!!

    Maybe if Switch will sell 10m+ year one devs will make games, for now they don’t want to risk and spend money on a new system. Nintendo being Nintendo for many years don’t expect third parties will jump ship.

  • Kenshin0011

    Release this game!!!

  • Locky Mavo

    Doesn’t look a power demanding game. Cool that they’re open to port DBX, sucks we gotta beg for it.

    On another note, coming from the same source that leaked the MH Worlds details, Capcom has a new Monster Hunter in development for Switch. MH dev teams stretched thin between MHW, MHXX and MH Switch.
    Believe at your own risk.

    • Leonel

      If that is true then wow that’s great news for nintendo switch fans

      • Locky Mavo

        I hope it’s true, but I have my doubts.

        • Leonel

          Who wouldn’t have doubts but only time will tell so time to play the waiting game

          • Locky Mavo

            Aye sir!

  • Rex4miitomo

    Well… I don’t really care about Bandai games, but if this time arc system can start the work on switch, this can be a chance for more and more arc fighting game on switch?

    So, let it be true.

  • Luka Malafaia
    • Jaxon Holden

      The only petition they’re going to be listening to is Dragonball Xenoverse 2 sales.

      You could get half the fanbase to sign that petition but if DX2 doesn’t sell, you will never see DBZ on Switch

  • awng781

    It’s hard to believe people thought this game was too “strong” for the Switch. The gameplay is certainly fast, but it’s hardly graphically intensive.

    If Bandai Namco is smart enough and ports this game to the Switch, I’m fairly confident that DBFZ will sell more on the Switch than on the Xbox One.

    • R.Z.

      Really, no.
      It IS very intensive graphically, the number of effects is crazy, the models and animations are extremely detailed (it’s barely noticeable that it’s 3D, big budget anime rarely do it that well). That level of polish on a cel-shaded game couldn’t be achieved before the current generation of home consoles (Guity Gear Xrd).
      There were very good reasons to doubt it could work on the Switch.
      I’m glad the producer says it can, though her use of the word “version” doesn’t guarantee it will look as good if it ever comes out.

  • Kikiki899
  • Justmadeanaccount2

    This game would sell better on Switch than the other consoles. Go to hell Hiroki.

  • Hansel Gunarto

    They’re asking a really one-sided question? It’s obvious whether or not people are interested in this game on switch.

  • Zeebor

    The reason it’s not the Switch by default is probably because, as I recall, Fusions and especially Extreme Butōden (another Arc Sys developed 2D Dragon Ball fighter) didn’t sell to well.

  • Ronny Andersen

    Everybody wonder why switch not get a version of almost every new third party game. I can give a couple of reasons why not:
    1. The system is new. Pouring out massive amounts of titles on it will lead to most titles selling very litl copies as the potential market still very small for atleast a year.
    2. Most third party titles released this year have been in development for 2-3 years. So the planning of which systems to support, budgets approved by managment etc was done long before the switch was even announced. Most devs not even had switch devkits until late 2016.

    The last reason infact is “power”. Todays game engines are very scalable. The
    switch supports all the modern tech in its GPU, and the amount of RAM should be no big issue either. The switch pushes less geometry, have less bandwith and
    slightly less RAM. But this can be easily overcome by reducing resolutions and geometry/shader effects. Only extremely CPU demanding games could run into issues as far as i see and demand more serious changes. And those are really a rarity.

  • Justin McQuillen

    They’ll be back. They’ll ALL be back.

  • ronin4life

    I will just continue to be all bummy and facepalming as I repeat, for the 1000th time in 10 years:

    It has *Never* bee about hardware specs or system sales. It is because they are Nintendo and “these” games “don’t sell” on Nintendo.

    • ben

      They barely sell on PS4.

  • ジョシュ

    They’re simply not sure whether switch users are going to buy the game or not. Let’s buy Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 so they can see we want their games on the switch.

    • ben

      Why is it that Nintendo users have to buy things to prove anything? The Ps4 has countless games that have sold really badly but no dev ever says… “If ps4 customers want the game support such and such a game…” It is the craziest situation imaginable in gaming. This idea has sprouted and flourished that Nintendo customers don’t support third parties.. But no one ever blames PS4 customers when PS4 game bombs/.. You know SF5 bombed but you bet every Capcom game is still releasing on the ps4.

      • WSJ4L

        This. So much this.

  • Snackster1001

    As a nintendo user, how much more begging do i have to do to these developers?! Im sick and tired of nintendo getting treated like the second class citizens of the third party industry. It’s not rocket science, PORTABLE DBZ FIGHTING GAME. That’s all you need to say for it to sell on par with the ps4/one, if not, better. The switch is a console THAT SELLS and Fighter Z is only a fifth done….WHATS STOPPING THEM FROM PORTING IT ONTO THE SWITCH?!

    • Snackster1001

      What I’ve noticed is that Capcom is one of the main developers who embraces this form of thinking. Not releasing XX outside of Japan, not releasing disney afternoon or legacy collection 2 AT ALL for the Switch, and even giving nintendo the shaft for their fighting games (MvCi, UMvC3 rerelease, SFV).

  • spyro20

    if fans want it? wtf are they seriously joking?

  • sdmblack

    Yo, where do we show this interest?

  • spyro20

    i had asked for a port of this, but now that the developer is asking of we would want this makes me feel like i don’t want it anymore, like “you couldn’t have thought about just making it for the SWITCH without asking fans?” i liked it better back then when the PS2 was around when fans were not asked for anything cause last time i checked it was the developers who made the decisions and games not fans.

  • Leonel

    I do wonder if they do announced this game for switch how much of an impact will it have on xenoverse 2 since its coming in September in Japan

  • Clemoundo

    Need !!

  • kaptinscuzgob

    i guess they hate money

  • Are you kidding ? definitely need a Switch version !!!!

  • Si2k78

    Perfect fit. Fighting games on the go, and zero lag multiplayer with a friend is the way to go.

  • Armyghy

    We are Nintendo fans. Of course we love DBZ. Come on now.

  • Ed

    Well let’s hold a poll or something. C’mon.

  • SlopeTangentAnswer

    How does Nintendo not approach them or express any interest in this?

  • monkeyrun

    I don’t understand. If fans show interest, Nintendo switch would magically become powerful enough for Dragon Ball FighterZ?

    I’ll play currently available games that are better than Dragon Ball FighterZ.

    K Thx Bye.

  • Luke Lantmann

    I dont even have a switch, but I really want you guys to be happy so… Make it happen!

  • Elite

    nothing new and people wonder why Nintendo never gets support get with the times. All they did was release wii u 2.0