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Fire Emblem Warriors also coming to New 3DS

Posted on January 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, News

Fire Emblem Warriors isn’t just a Switch game. Today, Nintendo announced that a New 3DS version is in the works. The game launches this fall.

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  • Andrew

    Appreciate two Fire Emblem games coming to 3DS. I really shouldn’t need to buy a Switch for awhile now. Thank you Nintendo, I appreciate it. First have to play FE Fates though, lol

    • Melatelo

      This is the reason why I don’t think they should release Fire Emblem Warriors on New 3DS! If people didn’t have the option to play it on 3DS- they might be more inclined to save up and buy a Switch for the game instead.

      • Andrew

        I’m not going to pay for online. Switch can kiss my ****. When they stop supporting the 3DS, unless something changes with that online structure, I’m done with buying new Nintendo systems.

        PC has free online gaming. So should consoles. Stupid NES/SNES games with online, that’s not enticing to me at all.

        • ForeVision

          On that subject, I’ve been unable to find why exactly it is that PC has it free and console requires a fee, perhaps you could shed some light on that? On a objective basis, as I’d really like to know what people on consoles are truly paying for.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Probably the costs for a lot of those games’ online is pushed onto microtransactions. That would be my guess anyway.

          • ForeVision

            That’s the problem isn’t it? Has Sony/Microsoft ever FULLY disclosed what EXACTLY their subscribers are paying for? (as in what servers they use, just all the details) that’s what I’d like to know. I don’t so much hate the idea as paying, I’d just like to know what the money is being used for, with nothing left out.

          • Andrew

            It makes zero sense to me why that is the cause, when PC online is by far better.

            Where can you get mods for games? PC only.
            Where can you find the most players online easily for a game? PC
            What has the biggest install base? PC, cause it never changes, just upgrades.

            Why do consoles do yearly fees? I assume its purely just another way to get money from the consumer.

            I own almost every NIntendo system. I own a PS2 and PS3. But I wasn’t going to buy a PS4 because of paid online, and that thought isn’t changing with Nintendo. Thankfully 3DS will stay free, and there are plenty of games for it.

            But I’ll take PC’s online any day over Nintendo/Sony/ and i’ve played with Xbox 360s enough to know their online stinks as well in compassion to PC. And that’s made by a PC company!

          • ForeVision

            They’ve not tried to push a subscription with Games for Windows Live for nothing, and failed so miserably that the system doesn’t even exist anymore.

          • Andrew

            Steam is the PC market. even when you buy from other sites like GOG, Greenman gaming, indigogo, humble bundle, you are buying Steam keys.

            Like I have Origin and Uplay, but its purely for the free game giveaways.

            Clearly Steam makes enough money or simply isn’t a group of greedy bastards, so online remains free.

          • nemo37

            I know this is somewhat off topic but I thought GOG was its own client. In fact, I have a the GOG client installed and it does not connect to Steam in any way.

          • Andrew

            My bad, you are correct. They are one of the few that isn’t. But you know what I mean, Steam has 85 maybe 90% of the PC market.

        • Melatelo

          Yet you’re ok with paying the price of a new 3DS to play what like 3 exclusive games that run on it? Makes little sense.

          • Andrew

            I had an OG 3DS. By the time the Monster Hunter special edition n3ds was coming out, my OG 3DS B Button was convientienly dying. It was $75 to repair, or $200 or the better version with a skin of my favorite series (see avatar) and the game packed in. And it’s a huge noticable difference in loading alone.

            Sadly this B Button also stopped working so I had to send it in for repairs. Nintendo doesn’t make durable systems like they used to, that’s for sure. My NES still turns on for crying out loud….

          • Andrew

            I had an OG 3DS. The one with the POS battery, bad shape design, slow processsor.

            Upgrading to a bigger screen, much faster processer, and it came with Monster Hunter when I bought it? Yes, that was well worth it.

  • ChaosNocturne

    so this is the second game that is specifically for the NEW 3ds and wont work on the old one

    • Aline Piroutek

      *Second big game

    • Andrew

      There are several eshop titles that are new 3DS only, and some virtual console.

  • Dascylus

    Great move for people who aren’t able to adopt the Switch its first year.

  • Barely Able

    I’m sure the switch one will be better, but what is the point of selling this on 3ds? I suppose to capitalize on the install base, but the new model doesn’t have as high a an adoption number as the standard. Seems that Nintendo is hedging their bets in case the switch doesn’t sell, but they aren’t really incentivizing people to but the new console.

    • ForeVision

      I think they’re banking on their line-up, after it’s gotten a few months/years to sell the Switch. Meanwhile they’re keeping the 3DS people supplied and paying, since it’s still a large user-base.

    • KnightWonder

      The reason they’re doing it is for sales. Granted, the New 3DS install base isn’t big, it’s fairly small. So I honestly believe more people will go after the Switch version when it’s released. Plus, I feel that for a better experience, the Switch version is the best way to go. Since it’s way more powerful and can handle intense action.

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      • ForeVision

        Plus one could argue that a comfortable controller helps in that respect (which is why I no longer play Monster Hunter on my 3DS, due to handcramp)

  • Carlos

    I’m a little disappointed that Fire Emblem Warriors is coming to 3DS too, but I can see the reasoning.

    • Abra


    • Abra

      i would wanna see them make one great game for Switch rather then breaking it into two games one half decent game for Switch and another one for a dying system… the 3DS…

      • JJ

        Except 3DS isn’t dying, Reggie even said so multiple times. Why do you .wish. for the 3DS to die? It’s an awesome system with great games, I hope the exact oppose that 3DS is supported for a long time until Nintendo makes another dedicated handheld to replace it (and then hopefully fully backward compatible with both 3DS and DS games).

      • Carlos

        I don’t think it’s going to affect the quality of the game. My problem is that they need Switch games and the last thing they need is to be releasing games on both Switch and 3DS. It seems counterproductive to me, but I can see the benefit sales wise.

  • Addy

    “Oh by the way we’re releasing it on the New 3DS.”

    Seems like they little faith in the sales for the Switch version.

    • SpectralDynamite

      I think it’s more that they’re not leaving those who can’t afford a Switch right away in the dust quite yet. This is a good move.

  • TalesOfBS

    Dropping 13M Wii U owners + 50M normal 3DS owners in favor of the miserable N3DS install base. Think about insane business practices.

    This stupidity has the name NINTENDO all over it desperately trying to sell the Switch. Tecmo would have never done that.

  • Supporter

    Hyrule Warriors Legends plays pretty well on my regular 3DS (as far as can tell), but I understand the desire to make this New 3DS exclusive in terms of 3DS games. I’ll stick to the Switch version, but this is still cool to see.