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Fire Emblem Warriors – Azura, Oboro, Niles trailers

Posted on December 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, Switch, Videos

Koei Tecmo has uploaded a trio of Fire Emblem Warriors trailers for the just-released DLC characters. View videos for Azura, Oboro, and Niles below.

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  • Jay Bern

    Loving the new DLC so far, but come on, Koei. What’s with Niles’s moveset? That’s four characters that all play the exact same! I mean, really. They do know there’s more than one way to use a weapon, right?

    • Evan Gustavson

      Of course they know there’s more than one way to use a weapon!
      I mean, look how differently Chrom and Lyn fight!
      Obviously they know that!
      The problem is thinking of new ways to use a BOW!

      I mean, unlike with a sword, you can swing in any direction, from any other direction, you only have the one position to aim at where you can actually STRIKE a target with a bow.

      • Jay Bern

        Well, sure, but even still, that’s no excuse for four characters that all fight the exact same way. It reeks of lazy design.

        Though to be fair, Koei makes like five Warriors games every year these days, so I guess they have to cut corners somewhere.

  • Exy

    Speaking of this, what do I need to do in Fire Emblem Heroes to get four copies of Oboro?

    • Exposer

      Being me…I hated Oboro because i wanted other units.

    • Blackbishop

      Get some orbs from somewhere and pull blues. You will get a lot of her in no time. Or do you mean something else?

  • Azura’s musou is so strange, she starts singing and stops out of nowhere lol

  • Exposer

    Azura: Yeah
    Oboro: Cool…I guess
    Niles: Meh…
    I blame Heroes mostly.

    • Fandangle

      I blame KT for making a bad game.

      • russlxx2

        FEW isn’t “bad” in the slightest you ignorant, tasteless piece of s***. Niles being another bow clone is indeed bad, but the DLC is otherwise on point and well worth the price of entry. Beyond that, the gameplay and clear adoration and reverence for the FE series in this game is apparent and evident in nearly ever aspect of its design, from its increased strategic requirements for success to its numerous wonderfully adapted FE mechanics, supports, and execution of its characters personality and aesthetics; it’s a fantastic h&s action game that by far and away stands as the best in the Warriors series and is a fitting, loving tribute to the excellent FE series. Your suggestion to the contrary is nothing but a load of utter f*****g idiotic and blatantly untrue bulls*** and you’re a worthless piece of tasteless s*** for suggesting otherwise, and that’s a fact. deal with it. permaleaving

        • Fandangle

          I think you need to calm down a little bit. I just pointed out that the game was bad and kill your dog. Honestly what I’ve played of the game it was pretty terrible even compared to other Dynasty Warriors games I’ve played.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    So two new movesets and a clone. Kinda lame that Niles is another Takumi, but I’ll live. At least he still has his own supports

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      You were right. Just throwing that out there. Gives me more hope for the others.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    This dlc is very much needed after maxing everything out thus far.

  • Tlink7

    Disappointed at no epic Lost in thoughts remix 😛 and Azura better be fully English 😀 other than that, can’t wait to play as her <3

  • Pinkie-Dawn

    Kinda strange for the trailers to show Oboro and Niles in their broken armor outfits but not with Azura.

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